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MotorWeek Road Test: 2010 Buick LaCrosse


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No Suprise here.

The engine/tranny combo is a very good package. It will change minds of base engines and what they can do in larger vehicles.

The Base Buick as witht the Base Nox is a very good value and would make many buyers happy. It may not have the all the toys and the extra power that I would want but for the average driver most would be pleased.

This is another reason we should not discount the 1.4 turbo till we drive one. HP numbers vs real driving feel have changed.

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I have driven the 2.4L before, but never the DI one. I was impressed with the overall quiet operation of the engine and the smoothness of it in spite of it being a 4-banger. I honestly was concerned about this engine being in the LaCrosse and Regal, but the reactions are giving me hope. If I could wait longer (but I doubt I'll be able to), I'd consider a CPO 2011 LaCrosse CXL with the 2.4. I just don't think the Century would make it another 1.5 years without needing major repairs.

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still would like to see 200hp and get that 0-60 down to 8.5, mpg could be better, sonata gets 35mpg highway. turbo sonata will have close to 100hp advantage, cost less, and better warranty and nearly 3 seconds on the lacrosse base 0-60.

i love the lacrosse, but Buick is smoking crack if they think too many of them should go to market with the 4. buick is a lux brand or near lux and the 4 popper may run the risk of giving the owner a bad taste about how they spent their 30+ grand once they drive it for awhile.

a turbo 4 2.0 would have been a better base choice.

at this price, discounting the sonata totally, my next basis of comparison is the taurus. the lacrosse drives a bit livelier but really from a value standpoint you can get the taurus with almost identical mileage for the same or less price, better plastics inside, an actual usable trunk, and a 263hp v6 vs. GM's 4. If Ford would firm up the ride and quicken the steering on the Taurus a little.......

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A 10-15% better economy isn't that impressive considering it has 50% less power. There can definitely be more improvements made. A similarly hefty six-cylinder 528i gets 21/32 MPG compared to this four-cylinder LaCrosse's 19/30 MPG.

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the 4 cyl lacrosse is simply an option for those who don't want a malibu, and want to stay GM.

Read people over 67.

Reg hit it pretty much spot on. The Sonata is faster and more fuel efficient, the Taurus is a pretty good rival as well.

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