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By Mark Kleis

As Chrysler looks to find its new identify as part of the Fiat SpA, the automaker will now reportedly scale back significantly with its use of the Hemi name for its larger V8 engines.

Sources within Chrysler have revealed that Fiat and Chrysler managers have decided to begin shifting away from the use of the Hemi name for its larger, premium V8 engines. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the automaker is aiming to focus its marketing efforts on its fuel efficiency technologies, not its high horsepower engines.

For example, Chrysler will now point towards the cylinder deactivation technology, rather than the legendary hemispherical cylinder heads which helped the automaker turn massive profits while under Daimler’s ownership just five years ago. chrysler also plans on developing strong brand awareness for the new line of Pentastar engines which tout several fuel-saving technologies, many borrowed from Fiat.

Although the Hemi name will still be applied to the limited Dodge cars and Ram pickup rucks, Chrysler will stop referring to its current Hemi engines entirely when they are found in Chrysler cars – referring to them only by their displacement and cylinder count.

“It’s really just the Ram and Dodge owners who still wear the Hemi badge with pride,” said an anonymous dealer representative familiar with the automaker’s plans.

Chrysler has not yet made an official comment regarding the reported changes.



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anyone who is shopping chrysler already knows it a hemi. outsiders who have not shopped chrysler before, don't care and in fact might find its references childish.

'that thing got a hemi'? (chugs cheap beer).........

Agreed. It's appropriate for a truck, but not a $40K luxury SUV that hopes to lure buyers away from Range Rover, Cayenne, Touareg, etc.

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Chrysler Ditching HEMI? Not So Fast...

By Nelson Ireson


July 7th, 2010

As Chrysler's new Italian ownership gets to grips with brand identities and marketing strategies, we can expect a few things to change. But dropping the HEMI, even if only in name? That seems a tough pill to swallow, and much ado is being made over the thought due to a report out today.

In reality, however, the HEMI brand will only be de-emphasized for certain vehicles. As Chrysler seek to position cars and SUVs like the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and upcoming Chrysler 300 more toward the luxury end of the market, the HEMI moniker will be down-played, as Chrysler sees it as more rough-and-tumble, belonging with Dodge trucks, the Challenger/Charger, and a few other models.

That makes good sense. It makes even more sense when you consider that the HEMI engine will still be available under the hoods of the cars where it's not a selling point. The power delivery of the HEMI will still be there, but it won't be the primary focus. Chrysler's smoother, quieter Pentastar V-6, on the other hand, may be. At 290-horsepower with V-6 efficiency, the V-6 makes good sense, too.

So don't fret, HEMI lovers. You'll still get your branding with the cars that are all about the power (and torque). In fact, there's even a new, larger 6.4-liter HEMI on the way for 2011. And you can still get at least one form of the HEMI in the more luxury-targeted vehicles, too. Even if you don't get the badge on the outside.



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