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Corvette Production May Come To Lansing


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Corvette Production May Come To Lansing

Posted: Jul 13, 2010 9:10 AM CDT

Could the Corvette soon be made in Lansing? Well, some say there is reason to believe so. Last week we told you about GM's 190 million dollar project that may bring 600 jobs to one of its current cities, possibly Lansing. Some think the project might include transferring production of the Corvette from Kentucky to the capital city.

The Corvette- could it soon come roaring into Lansing? Maybe, but UAW President Mike Green says his plant is prepared for anything.

Mike Green: "Anything's possible."

Green says that's because the Grand River plant is a state of the art facility that's easily adaptable.

Mike Green: "Corvette or Camero or Buick, ya know, there's a lot of different product lines you can run."

But what the Corvette and the Cadillac, currently produced at the Grand River plant, have in common is rear wheel drive, a feature produced by only two plants in North America right now. That's something Economist Jim Luke says could play a major role.

Jim Luke: "It's fairly expensive to keep a plant alive just for 1 car or 1 platform."

And the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky is doing just that. It's running one shift and making just one car.

Green says his plant is the place to do it.

Mike Green: "With ours you're looking at one of the newer plants that's been built in North America, so it would make sense."

But whether it's the Corvette or not., Green hopes the project comes to Lansing.

Mike Green: "You bring it and we'll build it, and we'll build it with quality."

Because any new product will certainly help drive Lansings' future. Corvette would give Lansing two top end lines added to the Cadillac for sports car and luxury, but GM has built the Corvette in Bowling Green, Kentucky for the past 20 years and isn't saying whether this new project has anything to do with the Corvette or any other product. The city of Lansing doesn't expect to hear GM's final decision for another couple of months.



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