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2011 Dodge Challenger Facelift Scooped Undisguised!


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2011 Dodge Challenger Facelift Scooped Undisguised!


Now here's a nice surprise for Dodge fans. A member of the Mopart forums has snagged some photos of what appears to be the facelifted 2011 Dodge Challenger in R/T trim without a single trace of camouflage. The cosmetic changes over the 2009/2010 muscle-coupe are extremely subtle and it will take a trained eye to spot the differences.

These include the reshaped lower intake up front (basically, the designers turned it upside down) and the elimination of the Ram nose emblem on the hood, plus a new set of door handles. It is possible that the 2011 Challengers could feature more changes on the outside and in particular the rear end as we don't have any other photos of the car.

It is believed that the refreshed Challenger will get a much needed reworked interior with a new design and upgraded materials.

Rumor has that the 2011 Challenger will also benefit from some important changes under the hood. More specifically, it is said that the base Challenger SE will get Chrysler's new Pentastar 3.6-liter V6 engine pushing out somewhere between 280HP and 300HP, while the flagship SRT8 will receive a new 6.4-liter V8 delivering some 480-horsepower, up from 425HP.



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I've loved the Challenger since the concept debuted back in '06 and the production version thankfully stayed quite true to the concept, so these slight change to the exterior aren't really needed, the interior however is another story. I really hope they went with the look of the concept car's interior with better materials, as that has been my only gripe with the production Challenger. Add to that the steering wheel needs a sportier design.

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