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Hello all,

I do not post much at all, but I am reaching out to the masses in trying to find a solid, reliable, inexpensive car for my son. I am in the Northeast Ohio area. Looking for something that will also be relatively cheap to insure. $3000 range. If you find something, let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.



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Cobalt would be newer, but an 80,00 mile 4 door wouldn't be out of range for that money...

Avoid the first year Focus, they pretty much got it really right from about 2002 on.

If you buy the SVT Focus, not the regular Focus, it IS an interference motor, and you will be better off changing the timing belt pretty much right away if you don't have recent proof of a belt change...

ZX3 Focus got the better suspension than base...

And lots of SVT goodies come up on Ebay if you want a Focus to handle bettter.

Google Focal Jet, they are a great online forum for Focus owners.

Also, IIRC some of the Cavaliers came with the Ecotech, I have thought of one of those myself...really clean, low mile, autotrajic Cavalier, I think it was an 04, came across a local car lot for like $3500...I would have been tempted myself if it was Manual...

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Thanks for the comments everyone. Although the suggestions are welcome, and most of them are on the list already. I am looking for someone that might know of a good car for sale in the area :) If everyone can keep an eye out for a good deal and finds something, let me know.

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I'd look to www.ncautoauction.com it is a dealer in Ohio and has really low prices. Also VanDevere http://www.vandevereauto-outlet.com/

But $3-4k the selection is limited, you are looking at a 2000-2003, 100k miles Grand Am, Malibu, Stratus, Elentra or similar. A Saturn Ion quad-coupe can be had for your price range. Might be a good option since it is cheap and youthful looking.

I'd say this is it, it has suicide doors, so that pretty much means search over, nothing is cooler than suicide doors.


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