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Milwaukee Sinkhole Swallows Cadillac Escalade, Traffic Light

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Milwaukee Sinkhole Swallows Cadillac Escalade, Traffic Light

Milwaukee Sinkhole Swallows Cadillac Escalade, Traffic LightA reader sent us this camera phone photo of a sinkhole in Northern Milwaukee that swallowed a road, traffic light, and a Cadillac Escalade. Thursday night. The giant sinkhole is likely the result of ongoing flooding in the area.

This photo appears to show a newer SUV trapped in a large hole filled with crumbled asphalt and a traffic light near North and Oakland Avenues. Milwaukee Police confirmed the incident happened the driver escaped without serious injury and the officer we spoke with was unaware of any other sinkholes in the area, though added there was still significant street flooding in the area.

Mark Pawlik was waking along the avenue when the incident happens and helped rescue the driver.



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Seems like sinkholes are becoming an epidemic. One in Florida recently... even a small one in Brooklyn. Seems like I read about 1 or 2 a week...

We're going to need the road department to start running ground penetrating radar to look for voids.

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On June 15, 1994 " a 15-story-deep sinkhole opened up in an 80 million-ton pile of phosphogypsum waste -- known as a gypsum stack -- at IMC-Agrico's New Wales plant. The hole could be as big as 2 million cubic feet, enough to swallow 400 railroad boxcars. Local wags call it Disney World's newest attraction -- "Journey to the Center of the Earth" -- but there's nothing amusing about it. The cave-in dumped 4 million to 6 million cubic feet of toxic and radioactive gypsum and waste water into the Floridan aquifer, which provides 90 percent of the state's drinking water. The company has voluntarily spent $ 6.8 million to plug the sinkhole and control the spread of contaminants in the ground water." - US News & World Report, June 12, 1995

My company was chief consultant for remediation of this one.

Another "sister" cavity opened up in 2004, just a mile south of this one about half its size, but was invisible beneath another stack. I worked on remediation of that one.

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Sinkhole epidemic..sounds like a plot for a Michael Bay film..the earth's crust is crumbling, and giant sinkholes start opening up everywhere....

It lacks explosions.

You both made me think of this Robot Chicken bit:


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