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Toyota planning new global design language

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Toyota planning new global design language

By Mark Kleis

According to Toyota executives in Europe, the Japanese automaker has plans to create a new design language in hopes of eliciting a greater emotional appeal than the current styling.

The decision to create a new design language which will provide for a more common and recognizable style that Toyota currently has has been made, but InsideLine says that European Toyota boss Didier Leroy says the actual design has not yet been created. Leroy did confirm, however, that the plan is to create a new common front fascia that will be mostly common across Toyota’s future models, with some exceptions based on regional preferences.

Leroy went on to explain that the aim of the new design language is to make the brand have a more consistent image, and also to make the smaller models look larger – rather than the current design language’s tendency to make the larger models look smaller.

Despite the push for some common DNA, Leroy says that the brand will still maintain some unique stylization to give each model its own interpretation of the style. Toyota will also continue to give unique markets the specialized touches they demand, such as the increased appetite for chrome in the Chinese market, as InsideLine points out.

Toyota to turn to Europe first?

In addition to revealing the plans for a new design language, Leroy also added that he believes Toyota may look to Europe to play a larger role in the future development of Toyota products. Why? Because Leroy explains that Europeans have a history of having more demanding standards, as well as the fact that the style and design elements popular in Europe are often found to be attractive in other markets as well.



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Report: Toyota getting a unified look

by Zach Bowman (RSS feed) on Jul 23rd 2010 at 7:27PM

Toyota Venza – Click above for high-res image gallery

Word has it that Toyota is looking to put its new reputation for shaky quality and safety behind it by moving to a new corporate face. Evidently, head honcho Akio Toyoda has called for his company's products to have a more emotional appeal as part of a new global product philosophy, and as such, we can expect all of the automaker's models to wear a similar look across the board. According to Inside Line, the new language will be aimed squarely at making the company's smaller offerings appear larger. So far, there's no word as to whether or not this plan will spread to Lexus.

Evidently, Toyota is going to be spending the biggest hunk redesign efforts on tailoring both its vehicles exteriors and interiors to European tastes. The logic being that what flies in the old country will perform similarly well elsewhere around the globe. If that means the company is going to step up its materials game, we're all for it. In the mean time, we'll brace ourselves for an onslaught of carbon-copy models. You gotta love progress.



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