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Nissan matches GM on EV battery warranty

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Nissan matches GM on EV battery warranty

David Shepardson / Detroit News Washington Bureau

Washington -- Nissan Motor Co. said today it will offer an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty on its Nissan Leaf battery pack.

In announcing the warranty, Nissan said it was responding to "U.S. market competitive conditions." Earlier this month, General Motors Co. said its extended-range plug-in electric Chevrolet Volt would carry the identical warranty for its battery pack.

The electric Leaf will be able to travel up to 100 miles on battery power before needing to be recharged and will go sale by year's end.

Nissan said the Leaf will be launched in five initial markets: California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Tennessee. The Japanese automaker said that more than 55 percent of 17,000 reservations are located in initial launch markets.

Nissan issued its warranty announcement at the same GM was unveiling the pricing for its Volt, a vehicle that will get up to 40 miles on battery power. The Volt also has a gasoline engine that adds another 300 miles of range.

It's a sign that the two automakers will be batting for hearts and minds through the rest of 2010 as they both race to introduce their electric vehicles by year's end.

GM's Volt price of $41,000 is much higher than the Leaf's $32,780 price, but the lease price for the Volt starts at $350 a month, compared with $349 a month for the Leaf.

Nissan customers in these first five launch states will be able to place firm orders for the Leaf starting in August.

The Nissan Leaf will be introduced to Texas and Hawaii in January 2011; North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Alabama and Washington, D.C., in April 2011; and be rolled-out to the balance of the nation beginning in fall 2011 with availability in all markets nationwide by the end of that year.

"We are pleased to see so many people making a choice for a zero-emission future by placing reservations for the Nissan Leaf," said Brian Carolin, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Nissan North America. "Consumer feedback and market readiness have been key drivers in developing our phased rollout. Nissan is able to target areas of customer demand for early launch, while continuing to work in future markets to ensure the continued success of electric vehicles."

Nissan offered more details about prospective Leaf buyers.

More than 30 percent of reservations are for blue Nissan Leaf vehicles. Silver is a close second, at about 26 percent. The remaining reservations are close to evenly split among red, black and white.

About 75 percent of Nissan Leaf orders are for the more expensive SL trim level -- which adds a rearview monitor, solar panel spoiler, fog lights and automatic headlights to the base model SV.

From The Detroit News: http://www.detnews.com/article/20100727/AUTO01/7270394/1148/Nissan-matches-GM-on-EV-battery-warranty#ixzz0uu0aunHo

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Nissan Leaf gets 8 year battery warranty

By Andrew Ganz

Nissan announced today that its upcoming Leaf EV will match the Chevrolet Volt in one especially important area: The warranty for its battery. Both the Leaf and the Volt will come with 8 year, 100,000-mile battery warranties.

Analysts have long said that one of the biggest obstacles to potential buyers taking full ownership – rather than leasing – vehicles like the Leaf and Volt is concerns over battery replacement. To assuage the concerns, both Chevrolet and Nissan will offer especially long warranties covering the batteries.

Nissan releases pre-order specs

Nissan has taken about 17,000 pre-orders for its Leaf, which will hit the market at the end of this year in a handful of limited markets across the United States. The automaker says that the most popular color so far is blue – commanding more than 30 percent of all orders. Silver is not far behind with a 26 percent share, while the remaining reserved Leaf colors are split almost evenly between red, black and white.

The automaker says that the most commonly-ordered Leaf configuration is the uplevel SL trim level, which adds a rearview camera



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Nissan will back electric Leaf's battery for eight years

09:15 PM

Amid the spate of electric-car news today comes one more announcement: Nissan is going to back its Leaf electric vehicle's battery for eight years -- the same warranty length as Chevrolet is offering on its extended-range electric Volt.

California, Washington state, Oregon, Arizona and Tennessee customers will get Leaf first, starting in December. Next will come Texas and Hawaii, followed by North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina and Alabama. By April, the rest of the U.S. will get a crack at buying the $32,780 car.

"We are pleased to see so many people making a choice for a zero-emission future by placing reservations for the Nissan Leaf," said Brian Carolin, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing for Nissan North America.

Nissan is also seeing some trends among those who have plunked down $99 to reserve a Leaf:

Favorite color: The favorite color of Leaf owners is blue. More than 30% of reservations are for blue and silver is a close second, at about 26%. The remaining reservations are close to evenly split among red, black and white.

Parking: About 75% of people who placed reservations own a single-family home. About 68% have attached garages, while an additional 18% have detached garages or carports. All those factors are important in order to have home charging units.

Purchase time: About 67% of reservations holders have indicated that they'd be ready to purchase or lease a Leaf within one year of placing the reservation. An additional 24% indicated they would be ready in one to two years.

Interests: Prospective buyers cite energy independence (35%); environmental consciousness (34%); and cost/fuel economy (20%) as reasons for their interest in the vehicle.



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