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By Andrew Ganz

General Motors’ British subsidiary, Vauxhall, is introducing what it says is an industry-first “lifetime” warranty that will cover components on any Vauxhall sold after August 1.

The “lifetime” part of the warranty is somewhat of a misnomer since the warranty is actually only good to 100,000 miles – apparently the end of the car’s life, according to Vauxhall. Still, the comprehensive coverage is good for the car’s powertrain, steering, brakes and electrical components.

To qualify for the warranty, owners need to make an annual visit to a Vauxhall authorized service facility for a free vehicle inspection. Currently, the warranty isn’t transferable, but Vauxhall says that second owners will soon be able to buy warranty coverage.

It’s unclear if Opel, which develops and sells a nearly identical product line, will follow suit. The coverage sounds similar – albeit a little more comprehensive – than the limited-run Chrysler lifetime powertrain warranty offered several years ago.

The move is a surprise given that, until recently, warranties for cars sold in the European market were considerably shorter than those offered in North America. It was not uncommon for mass market new cars to feature just one or two years of coverage. Now, however, Hyundai and Toyota offer five year programs and Kia recently introduced a seven year warranty.



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GM follows Chrysler into the lifetime warranty business... with Vauxhall

by Zach Bowman (RSS feed) on Aug 5th 2010 at 1:31PM

That's right. General Motors has taken the bold step of offering a lifetime warranty with all new Vauxhall vehicles it sells. Not surprisingly, the warranty is non-transferable and is only good for the first 100,000 miles on the odometer – apparently their definition of 'lifetime' is a bit different from that of Chrysler. Unlike their crosstown rivals, however, the guarantee covers most of the vehicle's major systems, including the engine, transmission, steering, brake and electrical components. Not too shabby. The company is even looking into a way to offer the remainder of the warranty to second owners, which shows a pretty sizable amount of confidence in the company's build quality as of late.

Interestingly enough, we haven't heard a peep about similar programs for Vauxhall's twin, Opel, or any of The General's other deserving children. Here's hoping that GM is using the Vauxhall warranty as a testbed for the rest of the family. Few things help move cars quicker than the peace of mind that comes along with the knowledge that the dealer will take care of any woe you have down the line. Similarly generous warranties have helped both Hyundai and Kia establish themselves here in the States, and they'd probably go a long way towards rebuilding consumer consideration. A bigger and perhaps more interesting question is, will this same guarantee apply to the forthcoming Vauxhall Ampera?



* All new Vauxhall cars now covered by lifetime warranty from day of registration

* Comprehensive OEM warranty covers all major components throughout car's life

* Enhances appeal of Vauxhall's world-class car range still further


Luton - In an unprecedented industry move, Vauxhall is introducing a lifetime warranty on all its new cars with immediate effect, providing the potential of comprehensive coverage throughout each vehicle's life.

Vauxhall Lifetime Warranty will apply to the first owner of any Vauxhall car registered from August 1 2010. Warranty coverage continues throughout the life of the car until it reaches 100,000 miles.

'With the Vauxhall Lifetime Warranty, we are making a strong statement of confidence in the quality of our products and a clear intent to provide the very best customer service in the UK,' said Duncan Aldred, Managing Director of Vauxhall Motors.

The comprehensive new OEM warranty cover includes powertrain, steering system, brake system and electrical equipment throughout the life of the vehicle. To maintain the Lifetime Warranty, owners simply need to visit a Vauxhall retailer annually for a free vehicle inspection. Vauxhall is also set to announce details of a further programme enabling second owners to purchase the Lifetime Warranty.

Vauxhall Lifetime Warranty is the latest innovation from the UK's oldest surviving car maker, which this year celebrates its 107th anniversary. Since 2006, the company has launched a raft of world-class products, including the latest Corsa, Agila, Meriva and Astra models, as well as the European Car of the Year-winning Insignia.

'Great design, engineering excellence and innovative thinking come as standard with every new Vauxhall so a lifetime warranty, with its boost to the customer ownership experience, is a natural extension to the appeal of our products', added Duncan Aldre



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