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Ford Mustang outsells Chevrolet Camaro -- by 3 cars


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Ford Mustang outsells Chevrolet Camaro -- by 3 cars

08:46 AM

In the ongoing sales battle between Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, it doesn't get any closer than this. Last month, Mustang prevailed in the contest over upstart Camaro -- by three cars.

The tally, says Autodata, was 7,489 for Mustang and 7,486 for Camaro. So far this year, it's hardly close. Camaro topped Mustang for the first seven months of the year, 53,864 to 47,524. But the new 2011 Mustang could be a game changer for the Blue Oval.

This is the pony car that gets more than 30 miles a gallon from its 300-plus V-6 engine. Ford thinks that's the first time that milestone has been achieved in a production car. And the V-8 is an absolute, blow-you-back-in-your-seat hoot.

The third car in the fight, the appropriately named Dodge Challenger, is way behind Mustang and Camaro. But there's plenty to cheer about. Challenger's total of 3,695 in July was up from only 886 in the same month last year, Edmunds.com points out.

This is no ordinary feud. Both GM and Ford PR execs have promoted the sales battle in a war of press releases, which we reported on here in Drive On a couple months ago. Will Camaro stage a comeback? Will the new Mustang eat up Camaro's smooth stretch of highway? This is going to be a month-by-month contest.



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