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Report: Muller in talks with three automakers about Saab 9-2 revival


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Report: Muller in talks with three automakers about Saab 9-2 revival

by Jonathon Ramsey (RSS feed) on Aug 30th 2010 at 6:26PM

Saab has already talked up its hopes for entering the forthcoming 9-2 in a future installment of the World Rally Championship. But before it can, the 9-2 needs to exist. And before that can happen, Automotive News reports that Saab needs the technology and money from a partner automaker. A recent rumor surfaced that Saab was talking to BMW about building the 9-2 on the Mini chassis. At the same time, another rumor came to light that Saab was discussing using Mini engines for the next 9-3.

Now word has it that Spyker's Victor Muller is in talks with three companies about getting the help necessary to build the 9-2. Muller hasn't disclosed the companies' names, but we assume one of them is BMW. The hook is that the cost of the 9-2 wasn't included in the turnaround plan, so Saab needs its chosen partner to injects some cash as well. The model has yet to be officially confirmed, of course, so at this point, it isn't even clear that a teardrop Saab will get off the ground at all.



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