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Mazda6 Diesel With Manual Caught Slumming It In Jersey

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Mazda6 Diesel With Manual Caught Slumming It In Jersey

One Jalopnik reader wanted to know why this Euro-style Mazda6 hatchback was in the parking lot of his local New Jersey ShopRite. Simple, Mazda's testing the 43 MPG diesel coming stateside in 2012. And they probably wanted snacks.

The Sky-D diesels are coming, and we couldn't be more excited. If they can deliver the hybrid-besting diesel fuel economy and give us something with a manual transmission that doesn't look like a giant Jellybean we'll be most-pleased.

Unfortunately, Mazda told us this is merely a foreign model brought over for some baseline testing with the current diesel offering and no indication of a possible sport hatch version for us Yanks.

C'mon Mazda, you can keep the hatch but please bring us a diesel, 6-speed Mazda6 Wagon. Please. We'll maybe even stop photoshopping the word "Hi!" over every picture of the new Mazda3.



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The CX-7 already has a diesel that's 50-state compliant. It meets Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions through the use of AdBlue.

Diesels are nice - they have lots of power and torque if you don't push it - but they're not a panacea. The lovely Jetta TDI drives well, but at 30/42 MPG, you're not exactly getting Prius fuel economy.

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