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Opel GTC Paris Concept: New Mega Photo Gallery and Specs, Including Details on 290HP 2.0L Turbo

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Opel GTC Paris Concept: New Mega Photo Gallery and Specs, Including Details on 290HP 2.0L Turbo


Unlike certain other automakers - Ford, BMW and Lamborghini, we're talking about you- GM's Opel / Vauxhall division is cutting to the chase by releasing full intel and a ton of photos of its sleek looking GTC Paris Concept, a week ahead of its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show. Bravo for them.

For the most part, Opel's study is a thinly veiled concept of next year's sporty three-door Astra hatch, which will carry the GTC tag. On top of that, the concept's aggressive details such as the styling of the bumpers and the large wheels (style- and not 21-inch size-wise) strongly hint at the OPC version.

Same goes for the Astra-sourced interior that we see here for the very first time. Highlights include the sporty bucket front seats and a flat-bottomed racing steering wheel with metal inserts, both of which are expected to make their way on the new OPC.

Last but certainly not least, Opel announced that the concept's 2.0-liter twin-scroll turbo-charged four-cylinder engine with direct injection and Start/stop tech produces a mouth watering 290-horsepower channeled to the front-wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox. A limited slip differential [supposedly] helps limit wheel spin and balance power delivery between the front wheels.

From what we've heard, there's a good chance the 2.0-liter turbo will produce a similar output in the production GTC OPC that will rival both the VW Scirocco R and Golf R models.

Scroll down for full details in the official press release.

Press Release:

World Premiere: The Opel GTC Paris: A Concept Car Showcasing Passionate Motion

Paris/Rüsselsheim. The GTC Paris concept car embodies the passionate side of Opel: Its role is to show how Opel can "dial up" the brand's now established design direction by creating a very sporty and emotional interpretation.

The GTC Paris is designed to be artistically sculpted using sweeping dynamic lines. At the same time, it is engineered with German precision and energized with technical innovation, like a 2.0 liter Turbo gasoline engine with direct injection, a new execution of the fully adaptive FlexRide suspension and an limited slip differential in the front.

This three-door sporty hatch is pure but sporty, simple but expressive and at the same time bold and iconic. Keeping in line with Opel's DNA, it is an achievable dream car, conceived to showcase an energized brand. This energy is also conveyed by the vibrant and expressive Liquid Metal Red exterior color.

Coming close on the heels of the new generation Astra Sports Tourer which will also debut at the Paris motor show, the GTC Paris is how Opel envisions the next logical step of a newly shaped line-up.

Exterior design: Muscular lines like tendons on a sprinter

At 4.46 meters, the GTC Paris is the ideal size for a compact, sporty car, which still offers room for five. In profile, the designers have maximized drama by limiting the amount of lines in the GTC Paris. Three strong lines create tension and provide a sculpted shape. The Opel signature blade is introduced in the same direction as first seen in the Insignia -- a fine, crisp line that sweeps upward from the rocker at the beginning of the front door. A second line encapsulates the door handle and sweeps to the rear, emphasizing the vehicle's dramatic stance by spreading the surfaces to a fine undercut and a broad shoulder. The third line following the silhouette of the roof is finished in finely brushed aluminum accentuating the window graphic, which guides the eye to the sharply accented integrated spoiler.

The shoulder section is the most dramatic area of the Opel GTC Paris. The broadest point pulls down to a wide athletic "bulldog stance," giving the car a very purposeful road presence. The line from the C-pillar slides into the tail and curls around into the rear spoiler, which is ingeniously integrated into the continuing roof line.

The clean frontal styling features Opel's typical centerline crease. It is further accented by intense, very slim eagle-eye shaped headlamps acting as parenthesis between the refined chrome emblem bar and the dramatic low trapezoidal grill which hints at its sporty character. Opel typical wing-shaped signature LED daytime running lights get a new twist with finely sculptured chrome jewels that are seen easily behind clear glass. The trapezoidal grille is recognizably Opel, but separate from the chrome bar and placed lower, for a race track feel.

The wide stance is accentuated in the rear, where the proportion of the vehicle is most imposing due to the powerful shoulder design. This is further enhanced with the LED taillights and one long stretched "wing" motif, which make the new Opel vehicles distinguishable at night.

The aerodynamics of the dynamic 21-inch wheels is optimized with carbon-fiber inserts which enclose the center caps.

Purposeful driver's cockpit

Echoing the flowing, sculpted forms of the bodywork, the hallmarks of the GTC Paris interior are sweeping lines and shapes as well as the bold use of fabric. The interior is driver-focused, with a positive/negative use of color: Whereas the driver's seat is red with black trim, all other components in the interior are outfitted in a charcoal black with red stitching. The car's inspiration, a quote from Richard Bach's novel, Jonathon Livingstone Seagull is laser-etched in calligraphy script into the seat … "and the speed was pure beauty."

Sporty, bucket front seats have been specially designed for the GTC Paris. Their aggressively shaped contours and graphics perfectly compliment the overall dynamic spirit of the car are outlined in titanium and filled in with black netting, repeating a design cue seen on the carbon fiber inserts on the wheels.

The small black leather racing steering wheel features metal inserts. On the dashboard, the interior continues Opel's recurring "wing" and "blade" motifs. In this execution, the blade theme is expressed in details like the shape of the polished chrome door grab handles and the trim for gearshift molding. The wing design cue is immediately evident in the warm, inviting wraparound instrument panel that embraces front seat occupants. It arcs across the cabin into the top of the door moldings.

The Opel design team used leather and micro-fibers for the seats, plush carpeting on the flooring, and a textured black instrument panel. These classic materials have a contemporary twist, not only in the choice of hues but also in the positive/negative stitching.

German Engineering Packs Powerful Punch with 213 kW/290 hp 2.0 liter Turbo

In line with Opel's strategy to turbo-charge for efficient performance, the GTC Paris is powered by a small displacement, twin-scroll turbo-charged four-cylinder with direct injection - a range-topping 2.0-liter Turbo equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. . This punchy engine packs 213 kW/290 hp. Double camshaft phasing and twin balance shafts provide the basis of the engine's impressive performance data. In addition, an Limited Slip Differential helps control traction without limiting the torque of this state-of-the-art turbo engine.

Yet with all this performance, environmental responsibility is not forgotten: Start/Stop technology keeps emissions and noise down in the urban traffic. This keeps the GTC Paris frugal without diminishing its sporty character.

Innovative technology enhances performance

The best of Opel's compact car technology is brought to its sportiest level on this concept car. The chassis has a special design with an extra-wide stance for best possible performance and handling. In addition to the front limited slip differential, it has a compound crank with an Opel-exclusive Watt's Link in the rear, and a new execution of the adaptive mechatronic

FlexRide suspension..

The compound crank rear axle enhanced with the cleverly positioned Watt's link enables the crisp handling and high comfort that is being celebrated on the current Astra. Keeping the advantages of size, weight and overall efficiency of the compound crank rear axle layout over a classical multi-link design, the architecture with its additional Watt's link better supports lateral forces on the suspension while cornering. It also makes the car dynamic and agile without compromising on stability and comfort.

The GTC Paris also features the FlexRide adaptive suspension system, which continuously adapts to changes in driving style and cornering speed. Apart from a more rewarding driving experience, FlexRide also offers safety benefits in emergency situations as it enhances the vehicle stability in all circumstances.

Together features like these allow the sporty compact GTC Paris concept to make best use of the power and energy conveyed by its design.




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2010 Paris Auto Show Preview: Opel GTC Paris Concept

By Viknesh Vijayenthiran


September 24th, 2010

The 2010 Paris Auto Show is less than a week away now so it’s not surprising to see more and more new model and concept debuts planned for the show starting to be revealed. We’ve already seen the Renault DeZir Concept and new Peugeot 508 sedan and now Opel, GM’s European division, has released images for a new sporty coupe concept dubbed the GTC Paris Concept.

The latest concept presents a sporty compact hatch with dramatic proportions and sculptural surfaces typical of Opel’s design language. And just by looking at the shots, it’s evident that the concept is a preview for the new Opel Astra Sport Coupe that’s set to go on sale in Europe towards the end of the year.

The Astra's chief designer, Malcolm Ward, previously revealed that the new Sport Coupe would feature a far more rakish and lower profile than the previous generation model and that a high-performance OPC (VXR) variant would also be launched. OPC, which stands for ‘Opel Performance Center,’ is the name given to models developed by Opel’s official in-house tuner and typically feature minor engine and handling mods as well as styling and performance upgrades such as bigger wheels and sporty bodykits.

You can view spy shots of a prototype for the new Opel Astra Sport Coupe by clicking here. Unfortunately, with Saturn no longer around, the chances of the Astra Sport Coupe, or any other Astra variants, making their way over to the U.S. are slim. However, GM will be launching a new sedan based on the Astra platform under the Buick label, and hopefully a sporty coupe will come too.

As for the latest concept, the vehicle features a special chassis design with an extra-wide stance. It also comes with Opel’s exclusive Watt’s link rear suspension and an updated version of the adaptive mechatronic FlexRide suspension and front electronic limited slip differential seen in cars like the Insignia. Rolling stock consists of 21 inch wheels.

Echoing the GTC Paris’s exterior design cues, the cabin features sweeping lines and shapes, and colorful use of fabrics. Each of the front buckets seats has shaped contours to complement the car’s sporting intent, and the GTC logo appears on each seat-back facing, along with titanium inserts that mirror the design cue seen on the front wheel’s carbon fiber inserts.

The powertrain in the GTC Paris is a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with direct injection. It’s fitted with fuel saving engine stop-start technology and is matched to a conventional six-speed manual gearbox.

Stay tuned for live shots of the GTC Paris concept next week and in the meantime keep up to date via our 2010 Paris Auto Show coverage page by clicking here.



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By Drew Johnson

With the Paris Motor Show now just days away, General Motors' German Opel brand has fully revealed its upcoming Astra GTC model. The GTC model on hand at the Paris show will still be in concept form, with the production model expected to bow early next year at the Geneva Motor Show.

Opel says that "And the speed was pure beauty," a line from the novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull, inspired the Astra GTC Paris. Opel’s Vice President of Design Mark Adams also helped the project move along, asking the design team to show him "the most emotional side of Opel’s new design language, ‘sculptural artistry meets German precision’.”

The GTC features a more aggressive "bulldog stance", putting Volkswagen's Scirocco -- rather than its GTI hot hatch -- directly in its cross-hairs. The Astra will bridge the gap between the two by offering more usable proportions than the Scirocco -- including seating for five -- but a lower and sportier roofline than the GTI.

The Opel GTC Paris will use an up-rated version of GM's turbocharged and direct-injected 2.0L four-cylinder, developing a robust 290 horsepower. Power will be sent through a six-speed manual transmission, eventually hitting the ground via 21-inch wheels.

The Astra GTC could come to North America as a Buick model, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Buick will launch a compact sedan based on the Astra by 2012, leaving the door open for a performance model.



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That is a sweet little hatch..it would be nice to see in the US, but how could they brand it here? Way too fun, sporty to fit w/ Buick..

sell it as a buick, just touch nothing on the exterior or interior. just a buick logo on the steering wheel, and a simple replacement of the grille slot with a buick badge. LEAVE THE WATERFALL OFF!

there is no risk, just import a few thousand of these a year from wherever they build them. offer it with the OPC package and also with just a simple 180-200 hp motor. a couple trim packs......moderately loaded and super loaded.

because buick is now a niche brand they should have the flexibility to be able to sell the whole astra line. they already butchered the sedan, but to round out the product, they could bring the 3 and 5 doors and the wagon here more or less unmolested and sell them in import size volumes to build the bottom end of the brand. its a no brainer. that focus ST i love but honestly this car is the one car that could sway me from that. my wife would even consent to the three door with kids when it looks this hot.

this is also the reason why a cruze hatch probably is not needed. the astra is a better presentation all around. the astra line offsets the VW line so much better.

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Buick, Buick, Buick! Come on, GM, make a sporty Buick! The GTC Paris almost looks as good as the Alfa Brera or VW Scirocco!

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Not too bad. I could see it as a Skyhawk, but it would need the Excelle's hood ventiports in black and a blacked-out waterfall grille to be a Buick-Opel.

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Buick needs this car just as it is. Just change the emblems and leave the rest. I have been watching this car and been waiting to see what it will really look like. It was worth the wait.

Don't much up the body lines with JC Whitney Port Holes those on some pimp's Chrysler 300.

This is the car the LNF needed. I know how the old Delta was tunes so this one I would expect will improve on a already good platform.

Forget the old Skylark name as it is a much forgotten and in some cases a more forgettable car. Few people equate it to the original convertible from the 50's.

If Opel has a GTC Buick could have a GTX to compete with the GTI and do it ASAP.

Just kidding on the GSX but the Skylark name just is not this car. It is better saved for a nice futre RWD convertible like it originally was.

Buick needs this car even in standard trim. They would sell many with just 182 HP too. This car could compete with the Golf, Mini and anything Honda has cooked up with the CR-Z. The styling alone will sell it and the added performance will not do anything to scare anyone away.

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I love it! It's beautiful!

I would definitely get one if it were a Buick.

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VIDEO: Opel Astra GTC Paris Walk-around


After showing you some vids of the Range Rover Evoque on Friday, today we've got some press clips of Opel's GTC Paris hot hatch concept. First up is an artsy walkaround clip of the new hot hatch, but the more interesting video is the one in which Opel-Vauxhall calligrapher/graphic designer Ingrid Gollong gives us her take on the GTC's lines.

There's also a little bit about the interior, brought to you by Jeanette Finger. Both ladies explain their roles in taking one line from one poem and applying it to the GTC Paris in order to make speed into "pure beauty". If you're interested in a little design, enjoy the films below. For a full look at the 2.0-liter, 290-horsepower GTC Paris, check out our previous post here.

By Phil Alex



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love this car!

This car is a must for the American market. It is one of the few small hatches that make me say wow to the styling.

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Hyper, don't be daft. Who mentioned the word "Skylark"? And a 2-hole version of the LaCrosse's ventiports, as seen on the Chinese Excelle, do not evoke a Pep Boys vibe.

People need to know what it is. A blacked-out waterfall and black two-hole hood ventiports would lend a tiny bit of continuity to the car as a Buick. I am not calling for wide whitewalls and a vinyl top here.

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This is one sexy little 3-door "coupe".

GM should bring this here as a Buick. I would name it "Bengal". Like the Regal, the Bengal would represent the sportier side of Buick. As far as front end modifications, I would keep them to a minimum. The upper grille would be the same as the Opel version, except for a badge swap. The lower grille would receive some sort of waterfall grille treatment (vertical chrome slats within a thin chrome surround would replace the egg crate treatment on the Opel version). A sportier take on ventiports could be applied to the hood. The rear would simply receive a badge swap. The "Bengal" would be marketed as a separate model. This would be Buick's sport compact.

I would bring the new gen Astra sedan and 5-door over as the Buick Velite. Both versions of the Velite would share the front end treatment featured on the new gen Chinese market Excelle GT sedan. As far as the rear of the 5-door version, a badge swap and the addition of tastefully executed chrome taillight surrounds would be the only modifications. The Velite compact line would reinforce the casually elegant side of the Buick brand.

Edited by cire

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Easily one of the best looking hatch designs I can think of. I hope the production car doesn't get watered down like the Aveo did, and if it doesn't, I hope it comes here wearing a Buick badge.

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