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LA 2010: Mazda Shinari Concept makes North American debut


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LA 2010: Mazda Shinari Concept makes North American debut

by Jeff Glucker (RSS feed) on Nov 18th 2010 at 11:58AM


Mazda's current Nagare design language starts with smiling faces and moves back into wavy body panels. It's hit and miss on the automaker's existing lineup of cars. The Mazda Shinari Concept, which we previously saw in Milan and now makes its North American Debut here at the 2010 LA Auto Show, aims to change that.

The flowing lines are present, but they appear to be more organic, almost as if they were shaped by the wind itself flowing over the body of the car. The Shinari is the brainchild of Mazda's Global Head of Design, Ikuo Maeda and it represents an entire new design philosophy known as KODO.

Described by Mazda with terms such as speed, tension and alluring, the KODO design language shows us a future filled with much more stoically aggressive vehicles. Gone is the O HAI THERE! happy face, and in it's place is a visage that appears ready to tackle the road while the wind flows over the swoops, creases and curves.

Unfortunately, as you might expect, we will never see the Shinari enter production. However, if Mazda can glean some new designs from Maeda's gorgeous styling exercise, then we could be in for some very good looking vehicles from the Japanese automaker.



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L.A. auto show: Raising the tension at Mazda

By GREG MIGLIORE on 11/18/2010

The Mazda Shinari is one of the more striking concepts shown on the auto-show circuit in recent memory. With bulging wheel arches and long, stretched-out front fenders, it looks like a Mazda--but more lithe and athletic. The front end is bolder and more pronounced.

But will any of this ever happen, especially since the Shinari doesn't even have an engine?

Absolutely, says Derek Jenkins, Mazda's design director for the Americas.

Now, that doesn't mean that a Shinari will be rolling down Sunset Boulevard or Woodward Avenue anytime soon. But the concept is more than simply vaporware. Look for those stretched-out fenders to be cues on future Mazdas, as well as the proportions of the three-dimensional grille.

Picture the lines on the side of a Mazda 3 or RX8, and then imagine them longer.

“It's that tension that I think is going to translate really well into future products,” Jenkins said.

There's also a snazzy outline around the grille and headlights that would make a sporty future styling cue, he said.

Inside, the Shinari, which Jenkins worked on, has a tight cocoon layout. The center console is angled toward the driver, and there are wood, aluminum and leather elements. The familiar three-gauge cluster is there, but the dash looks a bit wider across.

“It's a balance of more things getting fluid elements and technical details,” Jenkins said.

The Shinari is the next iteration of Mazda design, called kodo. It follows Nagare, Mazda's flowing look, and advances it.

“I look at this as a Mazda design story,” Jenkins said.

Enthusiasts will be watching closely.

Read more: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20101118/LOSANGELES/101119850#ixzz15kXuRUJ0

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