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Motor Trend defends its selection of Chevy Volt as COTY


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2011 Chevrolet Volt
2011 Chevrolet Volt - Click above for high-res image gallery

The Chevrolet Volt is only a short time away from having a home at dealerships across the country, but like many media outlets, Motor Trend has been thoroughly testing GM's halo car for some time. In fact, MT has been so impressed with the Volt that it just recently name the extended range EV its Car of the Year. That's a big deal for General Motors and its newest darling, but not everyone is happy with the magazine's choice. In fact, outspoken radio show host Rush Limbaugh recently weighed in with not only a bit of criticism for this decision.

This isn't the first time Limbaugh has been less than favorable in his opinion of the Volt. As you may recall, he first lashed out on the electrified sedan back in July. This time, however, Limbaugh questioned Motor Trend's credibility, and in order to make sure both sides of the argument are well-represented, MT's Todd Lassa has issued a rebuttal. Here, Lassa's main point was to reinforce why the Volt won this award, though a few shots are Limbaugh were made, as well. Lassa called the Volt "the biggest automotive technological breakthrough since... I don't know, maybe the self-starter," and then went on to hammer Limbaugh and fellow political pundit George Will for not understanding what makes the Volt so significant. The sleeves are rolled and the claws are out, folks. Head over to MT to read the response for yourself.

[source: Motor Trend]

Motor Trend defends its selection of Chevy Volt as COTY originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 19 Nov 2010 13:33:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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autoblog?i=2RwQ0wNPl_s:HGSdwKLj7AM:wF9xT autoblog?i=2RwQ0wNPl_s:HGSdwKLj7AM:V_sGL

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You said, “Folks, of all the cars, no offense, General Motors, please, but of all the cars in the world, the Chevrolet Volt is the Car of the Year? Motor Trend magazine, that’s the end of them. How in the world do they have any credibility? Not one has been sold. The Volt is the Car of the Year.”

So, Mr. Limbaugh; you didn’t enjoy your drive of our 2011 Car of the Year, the Chevrolet Volt? Assuming you’ve been anywhere near the biggest automotive technological breakthrough since … I don’t know, maybe the self-starter, could you even find your way to the front seat? Or are you happy attacking a car that you’ve never even seen in person?

Last time you ranted about the Volt, you got confused about the “range,” and said on the air that the car could be driven no more than 40 miles at a time, period. At least you stayed away from that issue this time, but you continue to attack it as the car only a tree hugging, Obama-supporting Government Motors customer would want. As radio loudmouths like you would note, none of those potential customers were to be found after November 2.

Back to us for a moment, our credibility, Mr. Limbaugh, comes from actually driving and testing the car, and understanding its advanced technology. It comes from driving and testing virtually every new car sold, and from doing this once a year with all the all-new or significantly improved models all at the same time. We test, make judgments and write about things we understand.

Chevrolet has not sold one Volt because it’s not on sale yet. It will not sell 10,000 this first model year (although GE plans to buy truckloads for its fleet), because it takes time to ramp up production. See, Rush, because we’re the World’s Automotive Authority, we get access to many cars before they go on sale.

But, harrumph. In its attempt to force cars that don’t use much gas on us — how un-American/un-ExxonMobil/un-Halliburton is that? — the Obama administration is offering a $7,500 tax credit on the Chevy Volt, grabbing tax breaks and credits right out of the deserving, job-creating pockets of America’s richest individuals. How dare he?

This is another of your distortions, Rush, repeated by the otherwise more level-headed George Will in The Washington Post last Sunday. The $7,500 Obama tax credit is an expansion of President Bush’s hybrid credits from the last decade. The Obama tax credit extends to the new Nissan Leaf, too, but if you or Will slammed that car, I’ve not heard or read it. I’d be surprised if you did, though, as Nissan is building the Leaf in a non-union factory in a right-to-work state represented by two Republican senators. A factory located there because Tennessee offered Nissan big tax credits. Maybe you’re worried that if the $7,500 tax credit works, too many people will buy the Volt, and that could reduce the need for oil drilling tax credits?

GM designed the Chevy Volt after its failed experiment with the EV1, which was its attempt to respond to a California mandate. States rights, you know. While Toyota was developing, and eventually selling the hybrid Prius in ever-greater numbers, GM decided to move beyond the Prius-model with a new kind of technology that’s not quite plug-in hybrid, not quite pure electric.

It unveiled the Chevy Volt concept at the 2007 Detroit auto show. That means GM began working on it before the November 2006 elections, when the Republican Party had majorities in the House and Senate, before President Bush had signed a single veto. Bob Lutz, who famously decreed, “Global Warming is a crock of $h!,” introduced the car two years before Bush gave GM its first bailout from TARP pocket change. This was two-and-a-half years before Obama’s Automotive Task Force forced GM into bankruptcy.

Sure, Toyota designed and built the Prius on its own, and no doubt lost billions of yen probably well into the second generation. Do you think Toyota did this without any Japanese government help?

Thanks to the recently unbridled ability of American and foreign big business to contribute unhindered to their favorite politicians – both Democratic and Republican — you don’t need to worry about rampant left-wing policy coming out of Washington any time soon.

You’ve made two king’s ransoms by convincing legions of dittoheads to tune into you every day. I wonder, do you ever ride in anything that’s not German or Anglo-Saxon? Do you have any idea how powerful IG Metal is, and of the size of Germany’s social safety net?

My esteemed colleague, Jonny Lieberman, got a copy of Will’s hit piece on the Volt, and responded thusly: “A bit of flag waving is in order – but instead, Will chooses to be a partisan clown and gets everything wrong.” You and Will don’t even worry about being un-American, anymore.

All the shouting from you or from electric car purists on the left can’t distort the fact that the Chevy Volt is, indeed, a technological breakthrough. And it’s more. It’s a technological breakthrough that many American families can use for gas-free daily commutes and well-planned vacation drives. It’s expensive for a Chevy, but many of those families will find the gasoline saved worth it. If you can stop shilling for your favorite political party long enough to go for a drive, you might really enjoy the Chevy Volt. I’m sure GM would be happy to lend you one for the weekend. Just remember: driving and Oxycontin don’t mix.

Read more: http://blogs.motortrend.com/rush-judgment-5957.html#ixzz15kwEQkGi


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I can't believe the usually sanitized marketing machine at Primedia allowed that out! Pinheads like Rush who care little about facts but instead brainwash their blind and loyal following need to be taken to the cleaners. Rush has made a fortune providing half-truths (at best) to his legion of fans for far too long. John Stewart can't be the only anti-Rush voice out there.

Not that I fully back Motor Trend's COTY choices, but Todd Lassa should be given a medal for this piece of literature.

Rush, stop treating your listeners like morons. Get a fact (one would be a start) before you open your big mouth.

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I am conservitive mod and I even ignore this stuff.

You would think with all the other crap going to complain about there would be something better to bash.

He may just be upset that GM did not buy any advertising on his show.

This is the kind of stuff I was worried about when GM took the money. They became the game ball in political football.

I am really suprised that Motor Trend really took the time to defend it.

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