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Next Acura NSX built on flip-flopped Honda Accord chassis?


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Next Acura NSX built on flip-flopped Honda Accord chassis?

by Jeremy Korzeniewski (RSS feed) on Nov 22nd 2010 at 3:01PM


According to Peter Lyon, Motor Trend's correspondent abroad, Honda is still hard at work on a successor to the much-loved NSX sports car. If true, we can expect the halo car to be powered again by a six-cylinder engine, this time augmented by a hybrid powertrain.

Up to this point, we're willing to put on our tinfoil NSX fanboy hats to suspend our fleeting grip on reality in hopes of a return to Honda-spec supercardom. However, not even Mulder himself could sell us on what Lyon is suggesting. According to MT's man in Japan, Honda is planning to use a flip-flopped Accord platform as the basis for its super coupe. You read that right.

While we'd love to see a 400-horsepower, all-wheel-drive NSX hit the market in 2014, we're not holding our collective breath... especially for one based on a backwards Accord chassis.



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Honda (Acura) NSX Lives As V-6 Hybrid? Not So Fast...

By Nelson Ireson


November 22nd, 2010

As fans of everything fast and mid-engined, we're always anxious to hear news of the revival of the Honda/Acura NSX. Sure, the last V-10 version of the NSX abandoned the mid-engine configuration for a frontally-located mill, but the big power and impressive performance were still tantalizing. Now rumors have re-emerged that the NSX will get a V-6 hybrid powertrain and be built on a modified Accord platform. But we're still doubtful.

Why? Because the details in the new report from Motor Trend track almost identically with a 16-month-old report from 7Tune. Because 7Tune, while definitely hooked into the Japanese future-car mainframe, is often a bit less than accurate in their prognostications. Because we desperately hope a hybrid V-6 Accord won't get the NSX badge.

Acura NSX replacement previewEnlarge PhotoThe details on this new hybrid NSX? A 3.5-liter V-6 married to a sport-tuned hybrid system delivering a total of more than 400 horsepower. Being based on a modified Accord platform means it will almost certainly be front-engined, though engineers could swap it around for a mid-rear configuration, with other modifications likely to be drive tunnel additions to send the power rearward in addition to the front wheels, since it's said to get a version of Acura's SH-AWD system.

But what would such a car look like in reality? The Accord V-6 weighs in at a rather portly 3,559 pounds, while the previous-generation Accord Hybrid weighed in about 200 pounds heavier than its same-generation V-6 version. That means the NSX, barring exotic materials an substantial trimming of dimensions from the Accord starting point, could weigh as must as 3,800 pounds.

Pair that curb weight with a 400- to 450-horsepower hybrid V-6 and you have something not much more exciting than a 2011 Camaro SS--a great vehicle in its own right, but hardly a supercar, and certainly not what we'd expect of the next-generation "Super Hybrid Sports" NSX.



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By Drew Johnson

Honda’s next-generation NSX supercar was reportedly dumped into the waste bin when the auto crisis of 2008 took hold, but a new report suggests the NSX project could still be kicking within the confines of Honda’s HQ.

According to Motor Trend, Honda engineers have resumed work on the NSX successor. However, the concept of an all-out supercar has been scratched, making way for an eco-minded sports car.

In order to keep costs down, the reborn NSX is now slated to ride on a modified version of the Accord platform. However, those Accord roots don’t mean the NSX will arrive as a front-engine car as engineers have managed to swap the front and the rear of the car, allowing for a mid-engine setup.

A V10 engine was originally planned for the new-age NSX, but Honda’s 3.5L V6 is now likely the engine of choice. A hybrid system could also be involved, with total output expected north of the 400 horsepower mark. Power will be sent to all four-wheels via Honda’s SH-AWD.

The new NSX has yet to receive the official green light for production, but the sports coupe could arrive in Honda (or Acura) showrooms by the middle of the decade.



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My main concern with this is weight. But it might be good news for the next Accord. Maybe it will benefit from this as well.

Keep in mind this won't be the exact same chassis in the Accord just being flipped around and used for the NSX. It will likely be very different. Overhangs and proportions on the Accord (especially the current generation) aren't any indication of the proportions of this rumored NSX, that's just silly.

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