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1987 Pontiac 6000 Manufacturers Dealer Sales Training Video

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"It'll get from zero to sixty in 11.5 seconds flat!"

Woah there! The insurance industry is going to be going after this car!

That's a lot of Excitement!!! But it's a true performance car, a modern sports sedan..

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This is part of the reason I say Pontiac started to died long before the last Vibe was built by Toyota.

Where was Middlebrook when this car as a STE needed a 3.8 V6? All the car was is a Eurosport with better styling and an odd dash.

I was a big Pontiac fan in the 80's and now feel ashamed to see what I used to settle for. To be fair the rest of the market was not all that great either in the days of the K car and Tempo. The Pontiac was one of the better cars and that says a lot about the rest.

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I remember they made an AWD version of the STE for a couple years..that was kind of cool..but, yeah, other than the underpowered RWD G-body coupes that were on their way out and the F-bodies, the mid 80s were pretty grim for GM...an alphabet soup of look alike FWD appliances...X-, A-, N-, J-.. The Fieros and Corvettes were interesting, the Corvette was pretty high tech for the time but marred by a cheesy digital dash...

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The 6000SE will continue to carry on Pontiac's impressive tradition for building a world class road car with superior quality and character.


They could make a drinking game out of this film. Every time the word 'Excitement' is used, you down a stiff shot. By the time it's over, you may actually find the 6000SE attractive!

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Only the Sonata has Roadability in abundance.

A good comparison test would be the '87 6000 vs the Sonata, compare the roadability and Excitement!!. See if things really have improved in the last 20+ years.

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The sad thing is, GM still markets cars in a similar fashion, comparing Pontiacs to BMWs and calling everything world class.

And whether it is roadability, excitement, fantasticness, spreading holiday cheer or curing disease, the Sonata Turbo always wins.

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I think the '87 STE may exceed the '86 SE in roadability.

I remember thinking it was unusual how those cars didn't have a Pontiac split grille. Liked the full width taillights.

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