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Ford Debunks 2012 Focus Coupe Rumors Via Facebook


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Ford Debunks 2012 Focus Coupe Rumors Via Facebook

By Nelson Ireson


December 2nd, 2010


Mark Schirmer of Ford Communications has put a brutal end to rumors of a 2012 Ford Focus Coupe through a posting made today to Facebook. Fret not, Blue Oval lovers, the 247-horsepower 2012 Focus ST hatch (pictured) is still headed our way.

But for those that had entertained fancies of two- or three-door new-Focus fun, the party is over in no uncertain terms. According to Schirmer, "Wild speculation about a Focus coupe is making the rounds on websites in Europe, led by the attached link to Auto Express. I can tell you right now -- and the coupe lovers hate to hear this -- but there are no plans for this model. What do you think: Honestly, is there volume in the coupe market anymore, or is five-door hatchback the way to go?"

The source of most of the speculation, an article by Brit car site Auto Express, underpinned our own imaginings on the topic. The basis for the Focus Coupe rumors itself, however, rested on talk with Ford's European design boss Martin Smith, who dropped hints in an interview that something new and "more exciting" would be coming to the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

Perhaps it's just the U.S. version of the Focus ST that we should expect in just over a month, but it's pretty clear at this point that it's not the coupe.

[Ford via Facebook]



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imho Mercury proved we can't believe what FoMoCo says


I've always expected the 3-door/coupe to NOT be called 'Focus'


until we hear what the next RS is going to be, imho it's legitimate to keep hoping

...I feel like I'm repeating myself

& (imho)

hopefully the Focus-Cabrio replacement (however the roof opens) will be a Global LINCOLN!!!

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I have some questions for Mark Schirmer: how many EXPs and LN7s were sold? How many ZX2s were sold? How many ZX3s were sold? How many Focus coupes were sold? I still see a good number of small, FWD Ford coupes and hatches on the road and I want to know who did the research that makes you think no one wants small coupes any more.

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When are the going to show the Mercury Tracer/ Lincoln version of this car? Maybe it will be a coupe.

Nah...the Lincoln version will be a 4dr sedan w/ automatic, I bet.

I do wonder if Europe is going to get a 3dr or a coupe/convertible of the new Focus like the current Focus has..or has the market for 2dr/3dr models dried up there also?

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