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DeLorean Makes a Move With Nike, Microsoft, Mattel


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DeLorean Makes a Move With Nike, Microsoft, Mattel

Nov. 30 2010 - 3:06 pm

Last Friday Nike released its 6.0 Dunk SE DeLorean sneakers, $90 shoes that sold out in five minutes online and disappeared almost as quickly when they went on sale in stores yesterday.

The shoes won’t help you go back in time–but they’ll fetch $400 on eBay if you decide to sell them.

But kicks aren’t the only thing coming back from the 80s. DeLorean Motor Company has recently announced partnerships with Mattel, Sun Star, Gateway Global, Microsoft and Now & Zen to make clothing and toys that use the car’s retro-icon label.

The guys at the Humble, Texas-based company must think they’ve got a sure bet with the children of the ’80s. They may be on to something: the gull-winged car has a 93% awareness factor among men aged 18 and older, with 87% of respondents agreeing that “the car was ahead of its time,” according to a poll of 1,000 men conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation Caravan.

The DeLorean

DeLorean debuted in 1981 as a stainless-steel, rear-engine V6 contraption that appeared in video games and TV shows, in addition to its star role in the Back to the Future trilogy. DeLorean Motor Company bought the original company’s name in 1994 and owns most of the remaining original parts from the factory, U.S. stock and suppliers. DMC makes DeLoreans to order; the cars look like the originals but are updated with modern engines and suspensions.

There’s no word yet on when we can expect to see DeLoreans running the roads in Grand Theft Auto, but if you missed out on a pair of Dunks, take heart. DMC is circulating a petition to have Nike do a second production run.



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