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Spy Shots: Lincoln MKT Hearse looks to be one swanky final ride


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Spy Shots: Lincoln MKT Hearse looks to be one swanky final ride

by Steven J. Ewing (RSS feed) on Dec 6th 2010 at 3:56PM

Halloween may have been two months ago, but our quick-shooting spy photographers have just captured the first images of Lincoln's upcoming MKT hearse. (Yes, hearse.) With the impending death of the Town Car not too far ahead, Ford Motor Company has already stated that the Flex-based MKT crossover will be uplifted to serve a variety of special livery duties. This means that in addition to this rather fetching hearse, we can probably expect to see stretched limousine versions of the MKT in the not-too-distant future.

It isn't immediately clear if this MKT hearse is fully a factory effort or if Ford is conducting testing with an aftermarket livery company, but this prototype has been spotted in Ford's usual stomping grounds, and it boasts a Michigan Manufacturer license plate. The tester seen here appears to be powered by the automaker's 3.7-liter V6, an engine that's currently available in the base MKT, and that seems just fine by us. After all, there really isn't any need for the more powerful EcoBoost V6 in a vehicle that's designed for slow, sorrow-filled processions. The prototype's stretched wheelbase and taller roof should provide ample room for even the largest of – ahem – passengers, and based on our experiences with the standard-issue MKT, things shouldn't be too spartan for the driver, either.

Have a look at the full set of MKT Hearse spy shots in our high-resolution gallery below, and look for this larger-than-life (or death) Lincoln to start arriving at funeral homes near you.



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Disgusting. This thing is a rolling collection of Design-Don'ts!!!

Poster Child for Cremation.

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Latest incarnation for Lincoln MKT: A hearse

Rick Kranz

Automotive News -- December 7, 2010 - 12:01 am ET

DETROIT -- Lincoln is hoping to pick up business for its slow-selling MKT crossover from what would be viewed as unconventional markets.

Back in October, Lincoln announced that two modified MKT platforms were being developed for the livery market, replacements for the base and stretched Town Car. The livery business workhorse will be discontinued in August 2011.

Next is the funeral business, with an MKT-based hearse. The hearse in this photo was spotted this afternoon in the Detroit area.

As can be seen in the photo, the MKT's wheelbase has been considerably stretched. The rear passenger door is much longer than the door on the regular MKT.

The roof is padded and has been raised nearly a foot. The rear-end styling was reworked considerably to accommodate a wide door that is hinged on the left side to handle a range of caskets. The MKT taillight theme has been adopted from the consumer model.

A Lincoln spokesman said the automaker does not plan to be in the hearse-making business. An unnamed hearse maker produced the vehicle in the photo.

“This is obviously a prototype from one of the livery upfitters,” said Lincoln spokesman Christian Bokich. The automaker will offer “conversion-ready kits for hearses. We will work with select suppliers to quality test.”

Ford Motor Co. announced in October that two new livery vehicles based on the MKT would be offered beginning in early 2012 -- a standard livery vehicle with stretched second-row seating and a modified heavy-duty chassis version for limousine modification.

The livery version is available in both front and all-wheel-drive configurations. The heavy-duty limousine chassis will feature standard awd for stretched limousine construction up to an additional 120 inches – 10 feet – of wheelbase.

After Town Car production ends, "the MKT or a vehicle based on the MKT, we have not finalized the name yet, will be the new livery, full service solution,” Bokich said.

MKT sales have been disappointing since the vehicle's introduction in 2009. Through November, Lincoln sold 6,797 of the vehicles.

Read more: http://www.autonews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20101207/OEM03/101209868/1448#ixzz17THghvTL

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