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MotorWeek - GM G-Body's 1986 and 1987

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Back when GM still made an effort at making every brand retain at least one REAL AMERICAN car.

This video is awesome and just reminds me of how much I despise FWD.

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the GN... :drool::D

The GN and T-Type are probably my favorites of that group. Wish the 442 and Monte SS had had more power. And that Pontiac had had a performance version of the Grand Prix (besides the wild looking 2+2).

Remember those cars fondly from my youf. Didn't have one, but G-bodies were very popular and all around..

Too bad Chevy didn't have an Impala SS coupe in the '77-79 or '80-85 generations of Impalas (I like the B-bodies of that era a lot also).

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Great video ... until the very end.

"might keep them around" ... "to give more time" to develop the FWD "replacements".

*rolls eyes and bites tongue*

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Keep in mind there 0-60 and 1/4 mile times are on the slow side for the Monte because there test cars were green low mileage examples. Knock about a second or more off there times for actual realistic data. The GN at lower temps was closer to what those cars potential was.

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