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By Drew Johnson

Au revoir, Aveo. After debuting a production version of the all-new Chevrolet Aveo at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, General Motors has elected to swap nameplates on its upcoming small car.

According to GM Inside News, the next-generation Aveo will arrive next year under the Sonic nameplate. Like the recently launched Chevrolet Cruze, the Sonic nameplate will stand as the car’s global tag.

According to U.S. Trademark records, GM trademarked the name ‘Chevrolet Sonic’ on October 5th.

The next-generation Aveo was slated to use the ‘Viva’ name – as it was called during the development phases – but former GM VP Bob Lutz reportedly ordered the Aveo nameplate to stay put sometime last year. The name stuck up until a few months ago, but GM ultimately decided that the Aveo name was damaged beyond repair.



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Report: 2012 Chevrolet Aveo Renamed 'Sonic'

By Nelson Ireson


December 7th, 2010


File this one under, "huh?" According to a report out today at GM Inside News, the next-gen Chevrolet Aveo will be renamed "Sonic" when it goes on sale next year. We expect the Cadillac BurgerKing and GMC JackInTheBox to follow in 2012.

OK, so that's a bad joke, but so is the Chevy Sonic name. Smacking of 1950s space-and-aeronautics themes, the name strikes us as an even more unfortunate choice than the nonsensical "Aveo." Distancing the new, much-improved, Spark Concept-based car from the previous Aveo is no doubt a good idea, but we're not sold that this is the way to do it.

The name will also go global, or nearly so, with the Sonic name to be standard across the U.S. and Europe, though Australia's Holden variant may keep its Barina badge.

Fast food or video game characters aside, we're looking forward to the new Sonic/Aveo as a major improvement over the existing car. Perhaps the name will grow on us.



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It is ok and they could have done even worse.

All I know it the car looks to be much better than the Aveo name would have led many to believe.

I heard the Malibu may be called the Big Mac. At least they did not call it the IN and Out.

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If they call it Sonic it'll probably do will going in a straight line, but when it comes time to move on 3D dimensional planes, ie corners, it will do poorly. There will be multiple models released to try and get it right but they never do, and sales will fall as it looses out to the fat Italian kid from Fiat.

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Bash it all you want guys, but this thing will will outsell the aveo with no problem

I see no issue with the name, because the general buying public thought the Aveo and Cobalt were POS anyways....

Heck, even GM Execs bashed the Balt....These cars sold on price alone.

At least this car will have a shot out the door this time....

Just be happy they didn't call it the Cavalier instead.....

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you know at first, i thought it was lame but after reciting 'Chevy Sonic' a few times, I am fine with it.

Cruze is sort of lame and dumb, this just follows up on that.

I mean come on, Beretta, Cobalt, etc. This is no worse.

Imagine the marketing tie ins with Sonic drive through. "Chevy Sonic, the official car of Sonic burgers"

I am totally good with this as long as they deliver on the hardware. Much better than 'Beat' and the subsequent "ER" version.....

I wonder if Spark will retail its US name. Then we have Spark, Sonic, Cruze, Malibu, Impala, and whatever the Zeta car is.

there is precedence in motordom for the Sonic name, after all.....


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Sonic is a terrible name. God, these fools need to get out of Detroit and get in touch with the rest of the country before they keep making any more boneheaded decisions. Oh, and drop the nasal trailer park king who does the Cadillac voiceovers! Either get the chick from the Chico voiceovers or some wealthy baritone with a hardcore cigar smoker's voice instead!

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