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Wanted: 1996-1999 Oldsmobile LSS or Eighty Eight LS


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My grandfather's 1999 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight LS, that I drive as a winter car, was recently totaled and now we're looking to replace it.

I'm specifically looking for the most well-optioned model of the Eighty Eight, the LSS.

People refer to them as either simply an "Oldsmobile LSS" which is what GM called them, or as the "Oldsmobile Eighty Eight LSS" which is what they really were, just a fancy version of the Eighty Eight. I realize some of you know this, but people always get confused about this fact.

I'm looking for something that fits these specs, some of which came on every LSS anyway:

1996-1999. Newer is better.

110k miles or less. Less is better.

Leather bucket seats.



Little to no rust, body damage, or excessive nastiness. I've noticed some are in pretty nasty states of grime, damage, and disrepair, and that to me indicates that they were just not well taken care of...

We've got a budget of $2500-$3000 depending on where the car is and how many miles are on it.

I'm willing to drive or even fly somewhere to get it, as long as its the right car.

I'm also willing to consider Eighty Eights with low miles, but ideally I'd like it to be an LS or 50th Anniversary edition, with the foglights. I can hem and haw over other options, but I want the fogs.

My absolute perfect LSS would be:

A Black 1999 with the Graphite (or Black, or Dark Blue, different people see it different ways) interior and around 50-75k miles, for around $3k.

If somebody found me that car, I would fly/drive/walk to pick it up and I'd love you forever.

Feel free to post questions, links to cars you find, or other comments here, or you can of course PM me.

I have been scouring Craigslist, Ebay, Cars.com, and Autotrader, with only some luck.

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