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2003 Oldsmobile Aurora Promotional Video

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Looking at what Olds was doing with the Aurora one short year before its death, I can't think of one good reason why the brand wasn't more successful.

Even the Alero was one of the best small to midsized cars out on the road during the 1999 to 2004 timeframe.

Both Auroras puts any comparable Cadillac of their respective eras to shame.

Speaking of that, that's who bitched and moaned sun up 'til sun down and played a major role in killing Olds, right? Someone at GM should have stood up and told Cadillac to do things better than Olds in that case.

If the other brands were doing things as well as Olds during the turn of the century, perhaps GM would be slightly different today.

And to think people complain that you couldn't get Sat-Nav on a GM car during this time is a complete show of general ignorance.

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I agree with Reg on the Aurora dash, angling it to the driver makes so much sense, the layout is near perfect. Probably the only change should be to put the HVAC controls on bottom, and stereo on top, since you use the stereo more than an auto HVAC system.

I think a big reason Olds was closed, was not volume or product quality, it was that Buicks and Pontiacs were cheaper to build and GM was selling them. For short term, it made sense to milk ever last dime out of dated LeSabres, Park Aves, and Grand Prix's and that is what GM did. Built Pontiacs full of cheap plastic to sell to young people that didn't know any better, and sold Buicks with early 90s powertrains and faux wood to old people who didn't know any better. Short term success, but not sustainable, and both brands quickly went into the tank. Oldsmobile could have been GM's Hyundai, but they were short sighted.

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