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2010 Porsche Cayman On Forbes' 10 Worst Seller List

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2010 Porsche Cayman On Forbes' 10 Worst Seller List

By Nelson Ireson


December 14th, 2010


You'd expect to see cars like the (impractical, pricey) Smart ForTwo or the (bloated, thirsty) Subaru Tribeca on a list of 2010's worst-selling list. You might not expect to see the Porsche Cayman on that list, but there it sits, according to Forbes.

The Cayman, for all its mid-engined performance and glorious proportion, is down 31 percent against 2009's figures. The economy can't be the only justification for the drop, as luxury marques in general are up, and the Cayman isn't particularly expensive. What then is driving Cayman sales downward? We're not quite sure, but we're diving into a few gigabytes of data to try to figure it out. In the mean time, if the Cayman doesn't get your blood flowing (shame!) you can ogle the even more pulchritudinous Cayman R.

The Cayman is joined on the list by another sporty enthusiast favorite: the Mazda RX-8. A surprisngly practical, if fuel-inefficient, four-seat sports car, the RX-8 suffers from being one of the oldest models in Mazda's current range, seeing only minor updates since its debut in 2004.

Suzuki earns three spots on the list, for the SX-4, Grand Vitara, and Equator. The Kizashi, however, remains a point of hope for the brand, as we thoroughly enjoyed the car in our review, and buyers--when exposed to the car--seem to react in the same manner.

The rest of the list is composed of the predictable: Toyota Yaris, Scion X D, Mazda Tribute, and the previously mentioned Smart and Subaru. Whether aged, boring, impractical, or simply lackluster, these cars define several facets of automotive apathy.




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