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Cadillac Working On SRX Plug-In Hybrid? Maybe


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Cadillac Working On SRX Plug-In Hybrid? Maybe

By Nelson Ireson


December 17th, 2010


As far back as two years ago, Bob Lutz was dropping hints that Cadillac could get a plug-in hybrid or Volt-based crossover. Today, a new report brings those hints back to live, with the plug-in project getting the nod, using--surprise--some technology from the Volt.

Cadillac isn't confirming or denying the report, but it makes a lot of sense for the brand, which as GM's halo marque, could stand a little more green sheen. The CTS-V line, after all, has huge appeal for us, but only limited draw in more efficiency-concerned circles--and those circles are where sales can be gained from competitors Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes.

The Volt isn't the only tech source in the project, though: the Saturn Vue plug-in hybrid that died in the womb along with the brand will also have lessons to share with the SRX plug-in's development.

Talk of plug-in hybrids isn't limited to crossovers at Cadillac, however. The XTS Concept, for example, featured such a powertrain, and packaged it nicely as well.

While we love the rumble and roar of a big V-8, a sharp V-6, or even a punchy turbo four, we can't argue with the efficacy of a hybrid drivetrain, especially for heavier vehicles that aren't as concerned with ultimate performance. The question now, however, is how well Cadillac can execute the plan, should it come to life. Based on the past several rounds of vehicle development and concept cars, we're betting on pretty damn well.



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Cadillac developing crossover plug-in from SRX

08:44 AM

General Motors is trying to develop a plug-in version of a crossover based on its popular SRX, according to Reuters based on what it describes as "two people with direct knowledge of the work."

Sounds like a no-brainer. At $42,000, the Chevrolet Volt plug-in that goes on sale this month is an awfully expensive Chevy -- and probably doesn't make a penny for GM. By contrast, a plug in for Cadillac could handle the premium price and then some -- and might even return a little profit.

Best of all, it could help leapfrog GM ahead of Toyota, which built its reputation around hybrids but now appears to falling behind on plug-ins.

Reuters says the new Cadillac would also pick up where a former plug-in being created for Saturn and Buick left off. GM had talked about a plug-in version of the Saturn Vue, which was also a hybrid, when the vehicle got axed along with the brand. Reuters says Cadillac declined formal comment.

Reuters notes: "The current SRX made its debut at the Detroit auto show in 2008 as a concept car that GM said could carry a fuel-cell and electric powertrain in the future."



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By Mark Kleis

Fresh on the heels of General Motors’ release of the Volt range-extended hybrid, a new report suggests that the automaker is looking to continue its range of hybrid-based offerings by creating a plug-in variant of the SRX crossover.

The report is based on knowledge shared by two sources regarding the development of the plug-in hybrid with Reuters, suggesting that the vehicle is intended to help stretch development costs of the Volt across more vehicles.

One of the sources told the news outlet that some of technology used in the Volt would carry over to the SRX-based plug-in hybrid, thus helping to reduce the cost of development on a per vehicle basis through improved economies of scale. The second source says that the CUV would utilize technology that had previously been explored with Buick and Saturn prototypes before being abandoned in 2009.

When contacted by Reuters for questioning, Cadillac spokesman Nick Twork declined to comment, citing the inability to discuss product development for competitive reasons.

Should GM bring this vehicle to market, it would give the automaker a unique offering that would compete with the RX hybrid by Lexus.



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Report: Cadillac working on plug-in hybrid version of SRX

by Autoblog Staff (RSS feed) on Dec 20th 2010 at 7:55AM


Remember the Cadillac Converj, the beautiful plug-in hybrid concept that General Motors was going to build but then decided against bringing to market? That program is still as dead as ever (at least as far as we know), but Reuters is reporting that the luxury marque is still interested in putting a PHEV powertrain into one of its vehicles, in this case a version of the Cadillac SRX crossover. Sources say the PHEV SRX would share some of the technology from the Chevrolet Volt and from the plug-in hybrid SUV programs that Buick and Saturn worked on.

This is not the first time the SRX has been targeted for a greening. Back in April 2009, we heard that the Cadillac SRX was supposed to get GM's two-mode hybrid powertrain installed, but that never happened. Our own sources say that no plug-in SRX will be shown at the Detroit Auto Show in January, but we might see it in 2011. Maybe.



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