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Design Competition #5 -- Dodge Compact Sedan


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Unfortunately it probably won't be reversed. It was a move done by Fiat for multiple reasons but the biggest is this. If Dodge and Dodge trucks now 'Ram' could both stand and on their own feet, this gives Fiat the ability to sell the Dodge or Ram brand more easily in the future. Remember when Dodge was attempting to sell the Viper brand on its own? I don't think anyone jumped from there seats to purchase the brand because there would never be too many takers for a brand thats primarily sold because of the brand that it falls under. Especially in the case of the Viper that sells in very small numbers to for the most part Gearheads with deep pockets. You sell the 'Ram" brand to lets say Kia and Kia now has to slap their name on the brand or come up with a brand name that no one is familiar with and would easily give away the fact that Ram is no longer owned by Chrysler/Fiat, sales would sink like the Titanic, only faster. The Ram truck brand is very valuable and I think it was just Fiats way of creating more assets in the event they could not turn around Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep and now Ram they would still have a fall back plan when it comes to making money.

This is sadly true, Fiat is doing this to increase their assets and the ability to break up the divisions and sell them off to recover any loss. From a business sense, it makes sense to keep each section as a stand alone group that can be sold off. FIAT does not have the best track record with america, so if they feel threatened they could always dump the trucks to raise cash to keep their crappy cars going.

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Ok, so...here is my updated version ( listening to the comments here ) for a Dodge Dart :

Nice over all, never seen the auto before, My only suggestion is to stretch those little black bottom openings up so it give the over all nose a better dodge Cross Hair look. They just look wrong down so low. If possible to add fender flares over the rear wheels would be cool too.

Over all Nice Job! :)

You're on, TJ. :)


Sweet ride! :metal: Love the Color. Does it fit us 6'6" tall Americans? That is the biggest problem with cars. :( I just do not fit in anything but a full size truck or SUV.

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