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Design Competition #5 -- Dodge Compact Sedan


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Dodge Neon.jpg

I loved the Neon SRT4 and although the Caliber SRT4 didn't make the splash Chrysler expected I love hatches and wagons...so I am hoping Dodge revives the Neon name and it returns as a 5-door like the Caliber but the way it should have been done the first time around...Chrysler had a great platform for the Caliber but still fumbled the ball, I know it was partially Diamlers fault so here is hoping Fiat and Chrysler will do right by us this time!

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Well, I don't think I'll color the SRT in enough time...I tried, but it'll just have to stay a sketch for the contest. Regardless of what happens, I'll still finish coloring it and post in the Design Showcase once the contest is over--and that'll even give me some time to do multiple shots. :)

and this just means I'll have to bring out las pistolas mas gigantes for the next one.

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Ooh, I like that one, too. Very mini-Charger.

How did you do the wheels? They look sort of 3-D realistic rather than vectored like the rest of the car.

I "cheated" and borrowed them from another car and chopped them on. :lol:

I wanted to do the wheels in vexel but it would have probably taken me another 4 hours. I put those wheels on at 11:53 last night! Didn't even have time to apply a filter to make them look more vexel. At least the donor lighting was in studio VS outdoors so it doesn't look too out of place, and the design is kind of like what I had originally sketched out.

Mini Charger was sort of what I was going for. Not a carbon copy but with styling cues like the side sculpting and the full width tail lights. I think the new Charger's side styling translates better onto a smaller package than the old Charger's did (see Avenger).

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The Avenger was just horribly done all around. Any one of us could have done a better job with the LX Charger's design cues on a midsized platform.

anyway, maybe I should have done that with my wheels too. :lol:

I got lazy with them because I hate doing wheels, and couldn't come up with a decent design.

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I agree that the Avenger definitely would've looked better with the newest Charger's cues (i.e. the '99 Charger concept's cues).

DF... your rear wheel/arch looks really small to me. Is it just me or does it look a little disproportional?

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Ahh I figured out what it reminds me of! The front wheel arch seems like it's sized about right, but the rear seems like it should have a 14" Yaris wheel on it or something:


That's my only gripe though. I love the rest of it, especially the headlight/hood sculpting, and you did a good job incorporating the side sweep. :)

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Yeah, that's better.

BTW, two of the three assigned voters have PM'd me their votes and it's pretty close... only a four point spread between 1st and 3rd place! I am giving each of these voters the right to list their favorite 1st/2nd/3rd places, so I'm doing the normal point system... 1st place gets 5 points, 2nd gets 3, and 3rd gets 1. If two people tie, the winner will be decided by who got more 1st place votes. If it's still tied, I'll bring in an extra voter.

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