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Ghost Dog

I'd rather GMAP did the design for a Riv and Velite

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I like the Regal, and I would even add the Wagon to Buick. But to me it doesn't have the Fine details Lacrosse and Enclave have. The Regal design has much more in common with Saturns. I also think GME has there own thing going on. While Buick is central to GMAP.

I am a huge fan of The Lacrosse design. And the 2 main designers Justin Thompson, and Richard Duff are with GMAP now. Duff With Patac,and Thompson back at Holden.




And Gmap has done some really nice Buick concepts.


The IMO Gorgeous Riv concept



GMAP also has Both RWD/AWD and FWD/AWD platforms to build on. Either with an on demand AWD option would work.

Where do you think would produce a Better, more truly Buick design GM AsiaPacific or GMEurope?

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Have to agree on your choice of design centers, although I don't care for the Riviera concept much.

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The Riviera Concept has a bit of drama, which I love in a Buick, but it is way too stumpy.

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Regal wasn't designed to be a Buick, thus it looks nothing like a Buick other than the grille. The Riviera concept, while nice, never really struck me as being a Riviera.

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came across this this morning.

Holden Design is penning one of three new aspirational models to debut under Opel badges in Europe

“As you know, our design operation is global. And I think there is one car (by Holden) that is going to be an Opel in the future.”

Asked if that car was the cabrio/coupe, Mr Weber shrugged and smiled.

Mr Weber said the cabriolet would replace the Astra convertible, saying: “There is one spot in the portfolio.”

He indicated that simple chop-top convertibles of existing models had seen their day, even though rival Volkswagen has just announced the return of the Golf Cabriolet.

“When you take a base compact car and turn it into a convertible it has all sorts of limitations to it,” he said. “I think you could do it in the past, but not now – they sort of get stuck in between.

“I think it takes a car that is extremely well styled and presents as a whole package – that is something that you want.”

Although Mr Weber refused to compare the new Opel convertible with others such as the VW Eos or Peugeot 308 CC, he said the Opel cabrio would “go beyond what you currently know, Astra Convertible”, indicating it would be bigger than Astra with a unique body style.

“If you do four seats, and you are spending that money for open air, I think the car should be positioned between Astra and mid-sized (models),” he said. “It is not just an Astra or Insignia convertible.”

However, he indicated that the new convertible would retain the folding metal roof of the current Astra Convertible, adding that it would go into production in late 2012.

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