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This is something we are working on from the original concept by Paul Gulley, see if we can actually build one of these as a show car from a Camaro, so it's gonna take a lot more work to make it really work, but this we think is a good start for now.

We cannot change the wheelbase nor the front Camaro grille, as per SEMA proposal regulations, but all the rest is up for grabs...your thoughts are appreciated !!!

Here is a link to the original sketch by Paul :

PG's Nova Sketch



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there's some aspects of it that i really like, such as the chrome bumpers, grille/headlight integration and shape, side vents (with SS badge) and hood bulge. But I'm not feeling the fender lines (they would look good on a Volvo P1800 redux, but not on a Nova) or the rear Q-windows at all . The B-pillar should be blacked out and integrated into the Q-windows' structures so that it looks more modern--I detest body-color B-pillars on modern cars, even if they are retro styled. And I think the overall shape of the car needs a little tweaking, perhaps tuck in the rear window/C-pillar shape a bit more; add some slight, gentle curves to the beltline, but not so much that it disturbs the strong, blocky shape of the rest of the car. The rear deck could also stand to be raised just a hair, and adding some slight flaring to the fender wheelhouses and a bit more to the rockers wouldn't hurt either. perhaps straighten the front fender lines and blend them back into the bottom window line, like on your donor car, and the rear fender lines should extend just to the door cutline. Keep that slight kink in it (the rear) though to maintain the car's identity, but as it is it's far too much.

just my jarful of 2 cents :2cents:

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THX !!

We are gonna work it out, this is just the "first draft" so to speak, more design work is called for and in the process with Paul now, and we hope to conjure up the spirit of the Nova into this creation so it can be built for SEMA. Should be a "head turner" if we get it right !

Keep the comment rolling....that is why I posted this HERE, 'cuz you guys Care about cars like this, so THX again.


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Well I just got "word" today from GM, that it looks like we will be building the Nova for the GM SEMA 2012 program, so please keep the comments posted as your going to SEE this one for Real !!!

Let's make it the Best it can be @!! :breakdance:

The Nova deserves a brilliant "comeback "...here is a real opportunity to do exactly that.

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Samadei: it's the tail light that does it.

MDM: That whole bodyline still needs to come down a bit. The angle is fine, but the whole element needs to be lower on the body. Not alot, just a bit, and maybe pulled towards the rear a small amount as well giving more space between it and the quarter window.

I'd also reduce the size of the rear wheel flare (make that line closer to the wheel opening).

Maybe increase the size of the fender vent to scale-in with the car a bit too?

Still love the bumper treatment!

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it's now at the point where I really want to see it from the front.

^ We are getting there, however SEMA regulations require that the Original grille NOT be changed, so....it's a Camaro....however in this case we may be able to make an exception as it is really a "Concept Car" more so than just a "Mod Rod"....as well we have more plans for this than just a SEMA "Show Car",...but that is one of our intentions as it allows us to gain the support to build it.

Let me show you the original drawings from Paul Gulley, that this entire idea is based upon :




^^^ Now these def LOOK like a Nova, the problem was that there is only the Camaro upon which to base a build-able realistic product. So, this is our goal then, to realize a Nova Design "Theme" into a base Camaro platform & body. So far, we have chosen to stay with the original Camaro dimensions, but....That could be changed if we were to use a different platform, aka the Super Sport Concept that we are doing now is based upon the CTS-V, which could as well be used for the Nova....maybe ???


^ That is the Super Sport, which we are pretty happy with and is something we can build. We do have a few little things to change on this but they are minor changes related to production elements that we have available to integrate into the Design.

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Camaro is a natural (and historically correct) base to build a Nova from. They shared alot of structure back then, so why not now?

Those sketches are great, and should work on a Camaro base. The convertible is interesting as that style of Nova was never a convertible.

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