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WANTED: 1995-2005 CAVALIER GM Factory Black (Graphite) Front Carpeted Mats


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Chucked mine shortly after I sold my 1997 Cavalier. Did you check with your nearest GM dealer, as the Cav ended production only back in 2005 they should still be able to scare up a set quite easily. The dealer was able to provide a set of Medium Gray factory mats for our Regal (discontinued 2004) when the previous owner of the car lost the factory originals.

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These Cavalier mats come in only two GM Factory colors Graphite (Black, Ebony) and Neutral (Tan) all 1995 -2005 Cavalier interiors that were available all those years. I've been checking ebay and other forums for these mats.All the used mats I have seen so far the heel is worn on the drivers side, just like the mats I have now. Someone must have or know of a new set somewhere ???? All help is welcomed. LOL. Still looking. Thanks

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I strongly suggest you go with the custom matt with the original or custom logo or lack of.


They will build to floor mats to fit just like OEM. I would think this would be better than searching for a used pair. I doubt you will find a new oem set and if you do it will be very expensive.

I did find allot of OEM used mats on Ebay and amazon this morning.

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