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Stores that offer interest free financing?

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With my never ending quest to improve my credit score as quickly as possible so that I can refinance the Camaro at a lower rate (have no credit rating right now).

Anyways, with the holidays right around the corner, surely an increased number of stores will be offering interest free financing (if paid in 60 days, 6 months, 12 months, etc.). With that in mind, and with that being a third line of credit (auto loan, just got approved for a credit card), my credit score should go up quite quickly within the next 6-8 months.

What would be really nice is if the financing would be available at low dollar amounts so that I could get the no interest financing at a couple of stores rather than just one. Of course I plan to pay off the financing the same day.

Currently I have my eye on Newegg. They offer 6 months interest free on purchases of $250 or more. I was thinking about buying a couple of widescreen computer monitors for my brother and parents to get to that total, but if I could find no interest financing for say purchases of $100 or more, then I could spread the money out and get multiple good reports on my credit rather than one.

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Of course I plan to pay off the financing the same day.

By doing this, you will not increase your credit score one iota. If you pay the balance of the very same day, the balance never has a chance to hit your credit report. Simply having an open, empty, line of credit on your credit report does very little. They want to see history there. After the first statement, pay enough on the balance to ensure that your outstanding balance is 1/3rd or less of your total credit line, then pay the minimum payment required to keep the free financing and leave the balance on the card for as long as possible without paying off the card until the free financing period ends.

1/3rd is the key. Always keep your balances below 1/3 of your credit line. Don't accept any card that has a fee unless it is a points card that you will use heavily (like me and my U.S. Airways card).

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