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William Maley

Two-Thirds Of Hybrids Are Toyotas

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Two-Thirds Of Hybrids Are Toyotas

William Maley - Editor/Reporter -

October 21, 2011


Toyota has gotten a reputation for being a green automaker due to it's leadership in hybrid cars and with very good reason. According to Polk Toyota accounts for two-thirds of all hybrids currently on road. The majority of those happen to be the Prius which totals 52% of all hybrids on the road.

Honda comes in second with a distant 15.7%. Most of Honda's 288,906 hybrid vehicles is the Civic hybrid with 194,357 vehicles.

Lexus comes in third with 6.4% followed by Ford with 6.3%. At the bottom is Kia with just one registered hybrid, Hyundai with four and Infiniti with 12. (Note: The data Polk used is from April 2011 and since then these automakers have began to sell more hybrids.)

Source: Polk


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