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Blake Noble

Fabulous Flops: Chrysler 2.2L and 2.2L Turbo I

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The guy who wrote this has no idea what he's talking about.In my area I still see 3-4 K cars still driving daily. What other 35-40 year old beater cars are still driving daily?
NONE. All the jap interference timing belt 80's cars are dead or in a garage pieces,the euro junks are dead or in a yard rusting,And there are a few RWD weekend 80's cars around but as far as daily drivers the K car is winning. Today in 2020 I see 2 Lebaron convertibles 1 Reliant Wagon and a 2 door Aries driving locally.I drive all over and see even more standing out on the road due to the 80's chrome style popping out in a field of plastic The 2.2/2.5 Chrysler powered K cars keep going while more modern "Better" cars succumb to the "not worth being fixed" issue due to over-complex design and low durability. Modern engines are more powerful and advanced but the reliability is even worse with CVT belt drive transmissions that barely hit 100k and mpg requirements forcing 0 weight oil which wears the engine faster. Also all the plastic used in modern cars intakes,coolant parts,covers,etc makes them even more fragile and less robust than earlier designs......

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Haven't seen a K car on the road in ages..I think they all rusted out around here.

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Did K cars actually last past 4 years? They like rusted out and went the way of the Dodo bird, decades ago. None around here unless it is sitting in the garage some place. I see plenty of GM and a few Fords from the 80's on the roads here, but nothing from Chrysler.

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Posted (edited)

The only 80s Chrysler products I've seen on the road in the last 3 years in NE Ohio have been maybe a couple tired, rusty full size vans and a couple rusty 1st gen vans.  

In Arizona between '08-17 I did see the occasional tired, faded M-body Diplomat or Fifth Avenue bumping around, a couple TC by Maseratis (last time I saw one, it was broken down on the side of I-10)  and 1 R-body Newport (saw it three times driving through my neighborhood over 9 years).   

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