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Just listed my Vette

Camino LS6

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In a way I am almost happy that I'm not getting it. I almost feel like a child molester giving a kid a piece of candy and walking away...I'd be too tempted to cut this thing up and make a race car out of it. It deserves a sympathetic restoration, I think.

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Sorry to see it go...thought of you this last weekend...

Went racing with the Dayton (Troy) Corvette Club at Kil Kare raceway. Was a 70 Corvette that had been a race car since 1970, very fast but beat to death....your corvette pretty much looked like a Pebble Beach candidate compared to this car.

However, it had a very healthy 454 under the hood...and the guy has a life time supply of 454 motors. Seems that a local school district was selling off a bunch of school buses, all of which were older GMC school buses with 454 power....he put in a cheap sealed bid for the lot and won all of them...sold off the bodies and such for scrap, turned a profit, kept the motors and now he has a pole barn pretty much full of them.

...and I hope it is going to a good home!

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Having a barn full of 454s is never a bad thing.

I think the Vette is going to a good home - looks like a restoration will get underway pretty fast.

It was supposed to happen today, but the buyer's tow vehicle is down with a bad PS pump - he's waiting for the part.

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It is a bitter sweet feeling. Sad to see a fellow Corvette driver lose one, but yet I am glad you got it sold so easily and fast.

There shall be another one in your life again.

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