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1985 Buick Sommerset Regal promo video

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Seems like it was well-equipped in some areas, but what a sorry looking little hooptie. Still, it is necessary to keep the memory alive so as never to repeat these mistakes.

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As I get the videos and they are uploaded, I bring them here for the members to view and discuss.

I wanted to add this:

Grand Am was supposed to become Grand Prix. Calais was supposed to become Cutlass and Skylark/Sommerset was supposed to become Regal. This was due to the downsizing GM did that caused disastrous results. The fuel crisis that was supposed to happen did not happen. GM allocated more cars to Oldsmobile thinking the Calais would sell more. It was the Grand Am that sold the most. You can see that this car looks like the 1987-1988 Buick Riviera. Riviera was only 7 inches longer than this car at 187 inches. Riviera had loads more technology. The only difference between this car and a Riviera was 7 inches and a tv screen( monitor) It failed miserably. They up sized it in 1989 and went to a more classic Riviera look.

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I've always been a fan of the Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais, especially the '90-'91 International model:


I liked both the Buick and Olds of these. I think the did a good job making the Buick distinct especially from the rear

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Saying it is well equipped is like saying it has a nice personality when there is little more to offer.

Oh? What were you going to get better elsewhere?

For just a little more you could have a GN. LOL!

The fact is outside of a few models most of the 80's sucked. When GM went on the hysterical down size on many of their models it showed how badly they were run. Not only were the car poorly sized they were poorly set apart from one another hence all the years of badge engineering we had to hear. Few of these cars are still around and even fewer will be restored as prized classics. Unless I missed seeing that they were having a Sommerset Club get together somewhere.

Lets face Olds lost it when they decided to slap Cutlass on more than one platform and model.

This is also the era that drove many to Toyota and Honda as they grew much faster in the 80's than any other time. They may have not been great cars there either but they were enough to gain market share.

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