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FOR SALE: '79mc & 1989 Caprice Classic

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Been a while ... hope everyone had a Happy St Patrick's Day!

Posted on my FB wall & some FB groups, so time to make it even more official.... This sucks like a certain automotive company, but karma gets the correct people. We are treated how & get what we deserve.... When I acquired the 1989 Caprice Classic (October 2012), I was doing what people said I should ... think positive & believe things will get better. Well, I thought positively, but things got worse. So, for my own sanity, these need to be sold by the end of March. I can't afford to drop prices as low as I did for the 3 cars that sold July 2012, but prices ARE negotiable. Please let me know ASAP if interested. PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL:




'79mc = $3,000

Whether I like it or not, this is my "baby", my 1st car, but it deserves a FAR better owner than me, one that will give it the time & attention it should've had by now, after 20+ years of ownership. It needs tires this spring. It is light green w/medium green interior, dubbed the "minty monte" by some. It has a white vinyl top that needs attention. The car has rust, but is solid. The rear part of the frame (wheel well to back bumper) was replaced in 1997 & is now stronger than factory.

[The '81mc gets to stay b/c it ties into ALL of my former cars. It was purchased by my parents in early 1982; it was a "leftover" '81 model. The '81mc needs a ton of work, but it has seen all but 9 years of my 39+ years. When I look at it, I see all of my former cars, including my parents' (er, "MY") '76mc, my former gray '88mcLS, the 3 MCs that sold July 2012, & others.....]

1989 Caprice Classic = $4,000

Maroon w/dark maroon vinyl top. Of the 2 rear-wheel-drive ONLY cars I have, it is the one most "sellable" since it is in the better condition. It should be enjoyed on nice days, not in winter. To my knowledge, all it needs right now is the transmission pan gasket replaced & a good detail. It has some rust on it, but it is clean for its age. From the person who helped me drive it home: "The 1989 Caprice is in really great shape, especially for the midwest market. It shows that it was well loved by the 1st, 2nd & now 3rd owner of Cort. The 2nd owner is a tech just like myself, went through the Caprice bumper to bumper & replaced everything that looked or needed replacement/repair. The body & frame are immaculate, no rot anywhere. I got to drive the Caprice from Rockford to Elgin & the gentile giant purred without one hick up all the way there. There are tons of cars 1/3rd it's age that can't claim that I have worked on. I went over this Caprice with a fine comb. Other than the leaking tans gasket & tires (starting to dry rot), I would have NO issue hopping in, filling up the tank & driving to Colorado in it. These are last true blue General Motors full frame, rear wheel drive battle cruisers that they made. This one is a prime example of that."

[My 1979 Caprice Classic gets to stay.]

People keep asking how they can help. Not much to do to stop my "glass floor" from shattering. BUT ... EASY way for you to help ... visit, "like", share & have fun on my facebook page. Posting the images, songs, history, memories, etc., has lifted my spirits & given me energy, enough to start some projects. OLD CARS, STRONG HEARTS:

Cort | 39.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | 2 MCs + '79 & '89 Caprice Classics

CHD.cars + RoadTrips.hobbies.RadioShows.us66 = http://www.chevyasylum.com/cort

* roadsNwheels + CapriceClassicForum = http://rdwhl-capriceclassic.proboards.com/

"It hurts to feel like such a fool" __ Dan Seals __ 'Addicted'
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Good luck to you, Cort.


Thank you, ocn!

1989 Caprice Classic
& the 2 that'll remain (for now) ... '81mc & 1979 Caprice Classic (now w/thin white wall tires)
Cort | 39.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | 2 MCs + '79 & '89 Caprice Classics
CHD.cars + RoadTrips.hobbies.RadioShows.us66 = http://www.chevyasylum.com/cort
* roadsNwheels + CapriceClassicForum = http://rdwhl-capriceclassic.proboards.com/
"When you reach the bottom, it's now or never" __ O-Town __ 'All Or Nothing'
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No interest in either car? PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE!

The 3 cars I sold July 2012 were gone within ~2 weeks....

If you're interested at all, please contact me ASAP ... thank you.

Cort | 39.m.IL | pigValve + paceMaker + cowValve | soon only?: '81mc & '79 CC

*** 3rd GEN MC (1978,1979,1980) FORUM > http://thirdgenmontes.proboards.com/

"Just a deck of cards" __ Kurt Nilsen & Willie Nelson __ 'Lost Highway'
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