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2015 Colorado - Diesel Options Reported


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Autoblog is reporting availability of the 2.5L and 2.8L used in the global trucks about a year after SOP of the new small trucks. Link to that article is HERE.

This is very interesting to me as I might be in the market for a smaller truck with towing capability and better MPG than the bigger trucks on the market in the next few years...

HERE is a bit more info on these engines available globally.

And HERE is a Motor Trend review of the 2012 Colorado. 7716 lb towing capacity on the 2.8L version? I bet the MPG will be no worse than 30-32 highway (hey, if the big Ram can do it, these little trucks better be able to...). Sign me up!

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Cool, yup. I am very much looking forward to hearing more about this topic. I am a bit mystified as to why it will take another year after the initial intro of these trucks in the U.S. to install the diesel, though.

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What surprises me is the 41' turning radius. That just sucks, why can't GM make a small truck with a tight Turning radius? My Trailblazer SS AWD has a better turning radius.

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People say the same about the 2014 GMC Sierra looking like the Ford F-150... I don't see it but I'm sure there's similarities with all types of vehicles on the market.

Turning radius on the GMT-360 SUVs is 36.4 ft... so 41 ft isn't too bad for a pickup truck (which will be longer than the SUVs for sure). The turning radius on the 2012 GMC Canyon Crew Cab was 44.3 ft, so they definitely improved it over the previous model.

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