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Ecoboost Fiesta is coming! 32/45 MPG


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The 1.0L Ecoboost engine is apparently ready for order, and offers 32/45 MPG EPA mileage ratings. It is available in the SE Manual Ecoboost package, and costs $995. Seems like a good deal, can't wait to see a road test.

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cruze is a long teardrop shape that is low and wide. Fiesta is like the other tall blunt hatchbacks that are not as natural with aerodynamics.

I could see where one could expect 47mpg highway maybe. Actually, the city number could be more like 35.

Fiesta has good hp and torque numbers though.

is this a 6 speed or 5 speed manual? Should be a 7 speed, LOL. I think a CVT or 8 speed automatic would be nice for this powertrain.

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Definitely should have a six speed manual. Those bawling for an automatic can eff off. I am disappointed that the package doesn't include alloys. I do not care about MyFordTouch or nav, those are worthless, imo.

Another thing I am concerned with is... my diesel VW ALWAYS beats the EPA ratings by several MPG... Ecoboost cars and trucks have not MET the EPA ratings on a consistent basis in real world use.

I love the idea of more torque in a Fiesta. I still believe it's a great little car to drive, even in 1.6L guise. I would own another 1.6 SE Sport... or an ST (with SIX SPEED manual, BTW.)

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1.0L/123-hp/148-lb-ft DOHC 12-valve I-3

For a 3 banger, the premium is not warranted I think. Beef up the 4 banger or increase the spec's on this engine as 3HP more than the 4 banger and 36lbs of torque are nice but not thrilling at that gas mileage in my opinion. I could see a premium if it was 33HP and 99lbs of torque more.

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