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1984 Chevrolet Cavalier Manufacturer Promos


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Even though these lack the "excitement and flare" and "sportiness" that they claim, they did have a lot of body styles. Imagine a Cruze sedan, coupe, hatchback, wagon and convertible; they would never build that many body styles now.

What is amazing is the Corolla was the #7 seller in 1983 in the class, where now it has been top 2 in the past decade or more.

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GM is convertible deprived, they have the Camaro and Corvette and that is it. They should bring that Opel convertible here as a Buick, something as a Chrysler 200 or VW Eos competitor for people that don't want a Camaro/Mustang and can't afford BMW or Mercedes convertible prices.

The Cruze hatch could be a good idea, they already make it, it might find buyers with younger buyers. To me the Cruze and Corolla are where older buyers go (and they are both sedan only in the US) and the Golf, Focus and Civic is there the younger buyers do, and all three of those have hatch or coupe and performance trims.

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I am surprised the GOV has not banned convertibles as being a deadly auto since roll overs would surly kill the people inside.

We really need the gov to back off and pull their head out of the lemming police roll of telling us what all we have to have for safety. At the rate they are going all auto's will be a cocoon of steel to protect you from everything and no one will enjoy driving.

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