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1987 Cadillac Cimarron promo video


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Okay, there's a shot in the opening sequence that clearly shows the ass end of the same period Chevrolet Cavalier. You almost dun goofed there, GM. But what am I saying? You had already dun goofed when you first started minting Cimarrons. What's digging into the $h! another few millimeters when you're already in it that deep?

"This car is [...] a typical Cadillac product in that it's a very heavy car, it handles very well [...] I like it because it's not very big ..."

It's yesteryear's typical Cadillac because it handles well, and is heavy and small? Even thirty years later that somehow doesn't sound right. Is she sure that she was thinking of, you know, a typical '80s Cadillac and not something like a -- oh I don't know -- Datsun?

"I actually checked several makes; the Chevy, the Olds, the Mercury ... Ford Tempo ... uh, and I did check the Mazdas."

Looks like GM isn't the only one dun-goofin in this video. Oh boy.

"Now let's meet Maureen Wright. Maureen is a sales representative at Central Cadillac in Cleveland, Ohio who has achieved a remarkable record in Cimarron sales over the past few years."

I don't know in what way I should poke fun of that. Really. On one hand, I know if I had sold some umpteen-thousand Cimarrons with a straight face, yeah, I'd want some hefty respect for it. On the other hand, being the best Cimarron sales rep is sort of like earning straight-As in remedial college courses.

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