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1981 Pontiac Catalina Bonneville and Brougham Sales Video

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98- maybe U can answer a question for me here.

Most sources, including the sales material, don't mention it, but Pontiac Archives lists a 1983 Catalina, with 5139 built. This, after there being none built for '82.

I've looked into this to a degree (where the Wikipedia entry states "over 3.8 million Catalinas had been sold since 1959", that was my contribution), but the bulk of evidence says no.

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As far as I know after 1981, there was no Catalina. Bonneville switched to model G for 1982 because of the the fuel crisis that never happened and the fact Pontiac was changing its image at that time. I know Parisienne showed up in Canada in 1982. We got Parisienne in 1983 when big car sales took off again and the dealers wanted a large Pontiac. Then the Parsienne in 1985 brought back the 1981 Pontiac Bonneville sheetmetal and interior trim. I do not recall any Catalina after 1981. The Bonneville model G was called Grand LeMans in Canada up until 1983. It switched over to Pontiac Bonneville in 1984 in Canada.

Proof of Grand LeMans in Canada:


Proof of 1982 G Body Bonneville:


Proof of 1982 Pontiac Parsienne in Canada:


1981 Pontiac Parisienne:



1981 Pontiac Bonneville:


1985 Pontiac Parisienne:



There was no Catalina in Canada. It was called Laurentian there.

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