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1987 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight Royale Brougham coupe video

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yeah, I think the Oldsmobile and Buick models of these were selling so well at the time that GM felt the coupe was justified. The Eighty Eight was typically at or near the top of the sales charts for its class. Pontiac was still in a bit of a sales funk left over from the lack of direction in the early 80s.

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Well, of course, much of this was brought on my GM confusing the customers, especially the "big" Pontiacs, which suffered cancellation followed by resurrection of the Bville as a G-body. Confusion of the "new" Parisenne. The H-body Bville came, what, 2 years after the Olds and Buicks came out. It was a wonder when they finally got the program back on its wheels with the '92 Bville.

Nothing wrong with the G-bod Bville... except it should have stayed a LeMans/Grand LeMans or became a 4-door GP (since this was coming anyway).

Sucks... I can't find any online images of the H-bod coupe. Was in High Performance Pontiac a long time ago, IIRC.

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Close, 98. Its basically is what the end result was. The article in HPP was actually about GM building a real coupe, with about 4-5 photos, not just a drawing. If could have been duplicated with a welder, as it was really just a LeSabre coupe with a Bville nose and tail grafted on.

I have to admit, the old H-bod Buick LeSabre coupes have been starting to look pretty good to me, especially with the black out look.

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I don't think the HPP search goes back far enough... I wasn't able to bring up articles from my first issues.

Its also a possibility the article was in Pontiac Enthusiast... but I don't think I was subscribing to that at the time... I think the article in question would have been 1998 or 1999, but I could be off.

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