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1982 Pontiac Manufacturer Promo - Engines

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Only the Iron Duke... which stuck around until 1993.

The Iron Duke was an upgrade over some of those awful 2.0 and smaller 4 cylinders. Hell, IMHO, the Iron Duke was an upgrade over the atrocious 2.8 V6.

Its half of a 301... and they took a beating. Worst part was oil use and crap crabs... TBI was a big improvement, as '80s era carbs were so cheaply made.

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1982 was a low point for the Pontiac division. Even the all new F-body Firebird/TA had to make due with Chevy small block only power in decreased state of tune with but 145 HP on the 4BBL engine and 165 on the Cross Fire unit which was pretty high tech at the time. The full size B-body Bonneville and Catalina were gone replaced by the Lemans G-body with a new grille, side trim and upgraded interior and was re-named Bonneville model G. V8 power was also absent for both this and the Grand Prix as the 265, 301 and 301T were all scrapped and the largest gas motor available was a mere Buick 4.1 liter V6 with 125 horses. On the bright side, the Iron Duke finally got fuel injection but the new J-body 2000 came with a wretched 1.8 liter carbureted 4 that would get upgraded to FI until the following year. Even the T-1000 Chevette carried on as is but this year Pontiac introduced there 6000 sedan which won many accolades from Motor trend doing there COTY award for 1982. It didn't win that honor of course because the Camaro took away the golden calipers but was noted for it's better ride and handling balance and the superior drivability from the Iron Duke with TBI. Still to think Pontiac's hottest car was a 165 HP 305 F-body was quite a let down when a year and two before they had 210 HP turbo motors available at least and 220 for 1979.


Things were looking bleak until 1983 rolled around and the middle of that year would see the start of the turn around to performance with 190 Hp 305 L69 HP V8's, 5 speed sticks, turbo 1.8 engines, the Fiero. Even the mid size GP and Bonny saw the return of V8 power with the 150 HP 305 4BBL replacing the lethargic 252 V6.

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