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1959 Pontiac commercial

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I actually saw a '59 Pontiac coming home from Assateague on Saturday... those wide-set headlights came out of the twilight and revealed a gray primer coupe.  It was like a movie.  And NO, I would not rather have a Buick.  :AH-HA:

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Well, as a long-time direct participant in this race (a buddy had a P-59 for a few years we ramrodded around in) (and I having owned my B-59 for many years now), I come away with this.


I think Buick & Pontiac were in a dead heat on the front ends. Buick overall has a much more fluid body, and the fins are to die for, whereas out back Pontiac is a bit of a mixed bag. I will say this tho- Buick is rather plain out back, and Pontiac spent not only notable design time, but they somehow got a full height rear bumper with a ton of contour. Design-wise vs. Divisional hierarchy... Buick & Pontiac may have been 'switched at birth' for '59.


Interior is not as close a contest- Pontiac's is more upscale & 'gee-whiz' at the same time. 


I love my B-59, but I would sit right behind the wheel of a P-59 over ANY post-1970 car... 

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It's not that exact;y, but my era of preference is '57-65, hence my caveat of 'post 1970' above. I would own tons of stuff from the 40s into the early 70s, but the cream is the years I mentioned, IMO.


Having been around plenty of 59-60s (also owned a '60 Pontiac), they have their faults like anything else. Seating position is really strange in a '59-60, for example- the car overall height is low (officially a B-59 is  57") but the front floors aren't dropped. But design-wise the 59-60s sure have a lot to process.


Except the B-59 : how clean & fluid is this, and what from the '70s or 80s (or since) can compare? :



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