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William Maley

Review: 2015 Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler

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The quintessential off-road vehicle in the United States is the Jeep Wrangler. From its humble beginning as vehicle to go anywhere in the heat of World War II to a well-loved off-roader by many when it entered the civilian market, the Wrangler has earned the honor of being an icon . But many Wranglers it seems are mostly on the road, not tackling some trail. Is the Wrangler built for this kind of duty or is it just a fish out of the water? I spent some time in the 2015 Wrangler Willys Wheeler to figure this out.


The Jeep Wrangler may be the most recognizable vehicle around the world. The reason for this is simple, the basic shape of the Wrangler hasn’t changed much since it was called into duty for World War II. The seven-slot grille, rounded headlights, foldable windshield, and removable doors are all here. But that doesn’t mean Jeep’s designers made to some changes to keep the Wranger fresh. The front end is jutted out slightly at an angle, and the body has some slight curves. Also keeping the Wrangler fresh is the introduction of special edition models. The Willys Wheeler is an example of this with a number of decals to make a call back to the original model, along with a set of 17-inch off-road wheels wrapped in meaty off-road tires.


My Wrangler featured the optional hardtop which provided excellent protection from the elements and adds a nice layer of security. Sadly, I didn’t get chance to take the top off during my week as it was cold and rainy during my weeklong test. But from looking at the top and doing some reading, taking it off is somewhat easy thanks to the top coming off in three parts. This also means I cannot comment on how easy or hard it is to put on the soft top which came with my tester.


2015 Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler 11

The Wrangler hasn’t been known as being a comfortable off-roader. But within the past few years, Jeep has been addressing that. Seats in my tester came wrapped in cloth and provided good support and comfort. In my ask me anything about the Wrangler, I said that the back seat isn’t really usable for adults since there isn’t any legroom. I would like to take that back. The backseat is actually quite comfortable for an adult as there is a lot of headroom and a decent amount of legroom once you move the seats up front. But getting into the back is quite a challenge as the front seat doesn’t quite move far enough to allow an adult to comfortably get back in. Now the Wrangler does have a rear-view problem with rear seats up as it blocks a good amount of the view. I found removing the headrests or folding the seat down helped alleviate the problem a bit.


At one time, you could say the Jeep Wrangler came with only the bare necessities. But in the past few years, Jeep has been adding some ‘luxury’ items to make the Wrangler more appealing to a wider audience. Such items include a great sounding Alpine audio system, Bluetooth, USB and aux inputs, and a trip computer. However don’t expect to find any soft-touch materials on the dash or certain parts of the door panels. The Wrangler is lined with durable plastics which will stand the punishment of off-road driving and be very easy to clean after a day on the trail.


Powertrain and Ride Impressions On Page 2

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Nice Review, I wonder if they will ever do an AWD with 4 low option on it for those that want a more versatile version.

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just bought a 2014 wrangler unlimited about a month ago. i couldnt be happier with it. ive got the 6sp man, im getting about 19-20 combined. the ride is excellent for what it is from my perspective, but that is most likely due to the longer wheelbase. steering seems on point and has a good feel to me, but that also could be because im comparing that to my 04 colorado's handling habits. The vehicle is most definitely a lifestyle vehicle, no arguments there. mine is equipped with the optional half doors, which was something i specifically looked for. There is a certain mindset you have to have to be an owner for sure. for instance, at the moment i am tracking down a leak on the passenger side. i guess its one of those jeep things... but i love the outdoors and am an avid hiker and camper. its all i was looking for in a vehicle, and cheaper than the new colorado i was considering. resale value is also excellent, as those who are in search of one can attest. great write up! the next addition i am saving for mine is that hard top though for security as you mentioned. as it stands only a zipper and velcro are keeping people out. JEEP, Just Empty Every Pocket.

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