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On 4/25/2019 at 6:05 AM, ocnblu said:

I have 50 cents in my pocket RIGHT NOW!  LET'S DO THIS!

It even comes with extra compost on the hood...


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2021 GMC Sierra Elevation crew cab / 6.5' bed. 3.0L DuraMax / 10-spd.   It's only money.

This whole crossover craze has gone a bit too far....


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1 hour ago, regfootball said:

Now that’s something I didn’t need to see....darn near thought about trading the Equinox for one of these!

My neighbor brought one home from the plant....quickly becoming my fave ...  🙂

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11 hours ago, regfootball said:

I'd take on with an automatic at $151 a month, but like @ocnblu I would go way over on mileage... though not quite as far. 

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15 hours ago, ocnblu said:

Thanks for posting that, reg, I saw that, but I put 20k/yr miles on my vehicles, I'd be paying out the wazoo for excess mileage.

Yes you would have to get two. Lol

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HD is a hard pass from me. 

- - - - -

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.52.17 AM.png

I REALLY like the 1500 (LT & up) design; it's unconventional to some degree but it also looks crisp & 'smart' somehow. I'd give them an 8.
The 2500/3500, sorry, but those are really ugly. Getting a 'Frankenstein forehead' vibe and none of the elements in the front end seem to be either cool or working together. I'd give them a 1 or 2.

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1 hour ago, balthazar said:

C-02 ~

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 9.10.31 AM.png

Amazing how far we have come in auto design from this and how the EV industry has used some of the same thinking in making their auto's today.

Please correct me if I am missing it @balthazar but did not the beginning of the industry do a type of skateboard concept with the frame and the body was just bolted down onto the top of it with everything else either between the frame or under it?

@Robert Hall If ya was back in AZ, you could check this out. Rivian is gonna be at the Overland Expo West.


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