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For fans of advanced alternative transportation, Ford is quickly becoming the company to watch. In press conference last week, Ford announced its new Peer-2-Peer car sharing pilot program along side a new electric bike prototype. That stunning e-bike is the Ford MoDe:Flex. 

It’s the third in the series of three e-bikes from the Blue Oval, which include the super-compact MoDe:Me and the commercial orientedMoDe:Pro, and this variant is perhaps the most in tune with everyday bikers. In fact, at a quick glance it looks just like an average road bike.

Though on paper it’s much more. Like its predecessors, the MoDe:Flex packs an electric motor and battery into its frame and can fold down to be stored and charged in any new Ford vehicle. However, it also features unique front and rear suspension assemblies which can be configured for road, mountain or city biking – greatly increasing its versatility and potentially cutting a cyclist’s fleet from two or three bikes down to just one.

All three MoDe e-bikes were designed with urban commuting in mind, and as such they integrate to your smartphone via the MoDe:Link app to deliver real-time weather information, congestion warnings, turn-by-turn navigation, and public transportation schedules. Unique featu

res also include a “no sweat” mode that increases the motor’s output based on heart rate to ensure riders get to their destination without perspiring, as well as pothole detection systems and approaching car warnings.



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Those spokes can cut a person's arms off.


Let's see, Sram Force 1by11, Avid Juicy Brakes and Rotors. Ehhh; good enough for what it is; but it should have had Dura-Ace or Ultegra Di2 or even the new XTR M-9000 Di2 with a Magellan mount. Gotta stay all American I guess. Except everything SRAM is made in Taiwan; while the best of Shimano is made in Japan. I'll stick with Shimano.


It's got decent parts on it; but it's nothing special. There are Cube Electric bikes with Bosch integrated motor units and batteries that already demonstrate this concept of cycling mobility for a fraction of the cost of this concept. Neat exercise; but a complete waste.

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The minor components are more than good enough for 98% of users.  Aside from those, it's really the total integration, look, features, hybridization, collapsability, etc.


Glad to see Ford stretching it's development like this.

And we have Mark Fields to thank once again. 

I certainly don't miss Mulally.

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So I've gotten to listen to the video(and a couple others on this bike) and the one thing that confuses me is how the electric assist actually "assists". Because the pedals keep moving, and it is only considered an "assist".  If I stop pedaling do the pedals need to continue moving like a fixed gear A: all the time or B: only when using the assist or C: they don't continually move if there is "resting" resistance?


I guess I'm just really confused on the "assist". Is it like a clutch system and the more assist you dial in the more it engages? but how does it know your speed you're trying to travel at? So many questions.


I also love the built in brake light, head light, and blinkers. Although those blinkers look worthless in the real world or unless it is dark out. I know ou can buy nice headlights and taillights for bikes but the built in-ness looks way better.


Wings, I'm not sure if you meant it this way but it doesn't collapse, it comes apart.

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