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Upgrade Kit for 2015 Focus ST Boosts Output to 275 Horsepower, 296 Lb.-Ft. Torque


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At the risk of further accusations of Ford PR fluff, I bring you more potential Ford PR fluff.

And to those who simply like automotive news, something interesting.




DEARBORN, Mich., – Focus ST customers can get more performance out of their vehicle thanks to a new kit from Ford.



And on that front, the new Focus ST mountune upgrade kit delivers in spades.



The idea of a street-legal, reliable, largely stock 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine making nearly 300 lb.-ft. of torque might have seemed ludicrous 10 years ago, but the components of the MP275 Focus ST performance upgrade not only combine to produce up to 296 lb.-ft. of torque with 93-octane fuel, they are designed for maximum reliability as well.





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Here is the info from FP website.  Suggested price is $1,900.  Cheaper options are available, but if you wanted the full backed warranty and reliability, this is a convenient options and easy to install.



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275hp/296tq.. $1,900 is a lot for <25hp but the warranty stuff is what you're really buying.  I think most will still just slap an intake, exhaust, and a tun and surpass those numbers and cost less.


Cobb offers a Stage 2 package including an intake, intercooler(must upgrade from a factory turbo setup - OE intercoolers are only sufficient for stock cars), rear motor mount(helps eliminate tq steer), and their tuner(with tune for all the upgrades) costs 1925.00 and promises 14%hp gain and 15% tq gain which would make it 287hp/310tq. Just say'n.

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Still COOL to have the OEM offer performance packages with warranty. GM does this with their Chevy performance package upgrades sold through your GM dealer. Very cool all the way around.


I do like the 3rd party applications that do seem to give more bang for the buck.


I can see a few Ford dealers adding in the performance packages and selling them as special equipped versions which there are customers that will love getting an upgraded new car with full warranty via the dealer.

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LMAO. $1,900 for 25 hp and tq?? That's insane.


As recently as the 2012-13 Buick Regal, GM offered a warranty-safe stage kit for the 1st gen 2.0T (performance intake and reflash) for $650. It raised the output of the Regal GS from 270 hp/295 lb-ft to 295 hp/335 lb-ft. They don't offer it on the new 2.0T because it would go beyond their factory durability testing of the 6T70 transmission, but even mild aftermarket tunes go beyond 300 hp with the newer engine.

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