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How One Man Defied GM And Saved The Corvette From Extinction In The 1990s


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I have seen this story and also read accounts on how the Corvette has come close several other times to not winning a business case.

The Dave Mc Leland book inside the Corvette points out many tough times and difficult things that could have spelled the end of the car.


I have stated for many years the Corvette never gets a free pass and has had to earn it's own way only to get laughed at but it is true.

Also true is the corvette people play tough and protective too. While many mistakes were  made with the Fiero in the end it was the Corvette people who finished it off when they finally had resolved many issues. It was coming with the new DOHC V6 and 4 with upgraded suspensions an new body work at a time the Vette Volume was dangerously low. The Chevy people were quick to point out to GM that the Volume in the Fiero plant was majorly under capacity even though they were selling over 30,000 units in their last year. The killing of the GM 80 program cut the vehicle from the plant and left Pontiac losing on their risk depending on the new GM80 (F body FWD replacement) as a filler for the large plant.


As John Schinella the Famed GM designer told me Chevy makes more cars than Pontiac and they got more say than Pontiac.

Anyways the isolation of the Corvette people and program paid off here and to be honest resembles a little of what they just did to Cadillac today. Cadillac is removed from direct contact on a daily basis from GM and interference from those outside the division. It will be interesting to see how this helps them do the things they need to do today. If it works as well as it has with the Corvette program it should prove to be interesting.

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